Salt grill & Sky bar + CNY 2015

April 04, 2015

Sorry for the hiatus, the past few weeks was upsetting and heartbreaking. Losing people we love dearly one after another made me felt so helpless. Our whole family was devastated when my grandpa passed away about 3 weeks back. Then after, we heard about the news of the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew too. The last 3 weeks of March was hard on us as we were all constantly reminded about our grandpa. All of us have been visiting grandma more often now and trying to spend more time with her. Thank you all for your patience as this blog post was supposed to be up a month back, but it got delayed until today.

Anyway, I'm back to writing and updating. Oh! Not forgetting videos too! Visual post today as I clear these photos off!

ion sky

Went to Salt grill & Sky bar for brunch with Taiwei and Pui the other time! Here's the view from there!

Salt grill & Sky bar

Didn't managed to get the window seats as we were late due to traffic jam, but it's all good.

Salt grill & Sky bar

Our food came! Managed to get a good shot! ;)

pui typicalben tw Salt grill & Sky bar

Secondary school mates! Pui, me and Taiwei! Coincidentally, all three of us were in smart causal that day!

Salt grill & Sky bar

Salt grill & Sky bar

Mine! Having Eggs Benedict (salmon gravlax, poached eggs, house made crumpets, spinach, hollandaise).

Salt grill & Sky bar

The Full Aussie Breakfast.

Salt grill & Sky bar

French toast, if I'm not wrong.

sky ion

After finishing our meals and catching up, we went to walk around.

ion sky

My first time up to ION Sky too!

pui typicalben tw

Was thinking since all of us were wearing so smartly that day, we should totally get a outfit picture together!

typicalben formal ootd

Top from Bricklane Menswear, I got it from Chatuchak Weekend Market.

typicalben formal ootd close up


Went to The Mill x WeJungle: DESTRUCTION & REBIRTH later at night!



First time visiting such an event where they celebrate beauty amidst chaos.


Exploring the place!


How could you not love this!


Took lots of photos in this washroom that was splashed with neon paints!

typicalben The Mill x WeJungle: DESTRUCTION & REBIRTH

typicalben waking up morning

(Pretentiously) How I look when I wake up in the morning hahaha! :'D

typicalben waking up morningtypicalben waking up morning

But yeah, this was really taken when I just woke up! Without washing up or brushing my teeth. :x

typicalben waking up morning

Got really addicted, so I took more and more.

typicalben waking up morning

Okay I better stop with this last one lol.

disney cute iphone case

Cute? Bought these cute iPhone covers for my bffs!

typicalben hotel clover

Thanks Hotel Clover for hosting me for the night! :D


typicalben family cny

Family photo on the first day of Chinese New Year! When we were about to take the photo, we made sure everyone hands got something if not it seems empty and not festive enough hahaha! So glad to be in Singapore to spend CNY together!

typicalben red packet

As usual, gave my parents red packet this year too!

typicalben cny day 1 ootd

Outfit shot at this gate of a temple.

typicalben temple

With Germaine and Lucas!

cny typicalben cousins

Went to my paternal side and taking wefie with my cousins!

cny typicalben cousins

Group photo! Not all were there but it's nice catching up with those who were around!

typicalben cny day 2 ootd

Second day of CNY! Back to my maternal side!

typicalben cny day 2 ootd close up

Kinda having bad hair day, that day!

cny dinner with friends typicalben

Third day of CNY, I celebrated it with my friends! Check out our delicious food!

cny friends typicalben

Group photo with my friends and the 2 majestic cats!

typicalben friends Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

Lo-Hei time!!!!

typicalben friends Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

typicalben friends Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

I was telling them, the higher you go the better and you see what happened!! All of them so competitive one lolol. All wanna be higher than each other haha! But I really love all of them though. Amazing people in my life.

homemade breakfast

Homemade breakfast the next morning!

homemade breakfast

If only I can wake up to this everyday!

family cny dinner

Home cooked dinner!

cry family dinner

And since we are on food photos, here are more of them! Had CNY dinner at home with family too!

family cny dinner

Mum cooked a few dishes and look at how delicious it is!!!

family cny cake

She also bought a cake because it was the 7th day of Chinese New Year, which was said to be the birthday for human being.

family Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

We also did second round of Lo-Hei too! Mum homemade this plate of yusheng herself!

family Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

family Lo-Hei Yu Sheng

Yay to a prosperous year for all of us!

rachell typicalben speishi randyys

Went to find Rachell at work! Group photo with Rachell, Peishi and Randy!

typicalben boufe

I really think I look so young with my hair let down, so recently I've been styling up my hair. What do you all think?!
Also, during our second day of CNY, we also recorded a video with our cousins! Watch it (below) if you haven't!

More proper update soon! Gonna sleep now as we need to wake up at 4am to go tomb sweeping for my grandpa! Night!

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