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March 10, 2020

Hi everyone! I'm sure we have many friends or colleagues who are from overseas and studying or working here in Singapore. Many people will always ask them what's their plan for the future. Are they going to continue to stay in Singapore? Applying to be PR? Or either that, going back to their country?

Since young, I've also wanted to work overseas and experience different cultures and gain new insights. If you successfully find a job overseas and you love it there, then you might have plans of wanting to convert to PR and continue working there. It's the same as the people who are carrying a work pass here in Singapore. They might want to apply for PR or have plans but most people don't know the process of doing so.

There are many benefits of being a Singapore PRs! From access to world-class transportation system, education, healthcare and more, being a PR in this little red dot can also open many closed doors for employment too. This is the only path that you can take if you’re looking to become a citizen.

With that being said, many that are applying for the first time for this coveted status in Singapore have to deal with a whole lot of paperwork that has to be submitted within a 168-hour time frame. They would be unfamiliar with the application process, and may find difficulties in finding their way in the e-Service platform. After all the tedious work done for the submission, they may not fulfil all the required criteria by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) still. The lack of knowledge on making their application unique could also cost them the approval.

And even if you successfully applied for it, you might also get rejected too. Many do face rejections despite trying again after 6 months from receiving the failure notice, yet they are unsure of the actual reasons for the multiple times of turndown.

It would be so much easier if you get some help or seek professional advice to save you all the time and trouble.

Paul Immigrations Reviews

Paul Immigrations specialises in the application of Singapore PR. They are established in 2016 and has a team of professionals that are well-equipped with the know-how and expertise of the application process. This immigration consultancy firm serves to assist an array of foreigners of diversed background that are in hope to successfully apply for PR. Here are some of the things you should know about the services that they provide:

Offer Key Insights and Advice

The PR application process can be a lot of hassle for many applicants. By offering key insights and professional advice of the process, their team of professionals can make this process significantly easier for you. These key tips can help you attain a better chance amidst the thousands of applicants, bringing you a step closer to getting your approval.

Collate All Mandatory Documents

All submissions of the PR application are made through the online portal of ICA. If you are to miss out on any of the documents during submission, it can render it as incomplete. Their team of experts will ensure that everything that is essential in your submission and relief you from this hair-pulling, stressful situation.

Assist in Additional Essential Documents

With a large number of applicants that are vying for the approval at the same time, including additional documents that shows your outstanding qualities and contributions can help you gain the upper hand in the competition. By including documents such as a testimonial by your employer and more can differentiate you from the rest. This can hence better your chance of success of becoming a Singapore PR.

Prepare Cover Letters That is Uniquely You

The ICA handles thousands of cases, making it critical for your profile to be unique and different in the best way possible. Their team of cover letter writers will draft a personalised cover letter that displays your strengths, potential contributions to the local society and also how you will value-add to the little red dot should you attain the status.

Guide You Through End-to-End

The sheer amount of required documents to collate and prepare can make the whole process tedious. One careless error can render your submission incomplete. The professionals will assist you throughout the whole process, to make sure all important and required information are submitted.

Eliminate Hassle & Save Time

The e-Service portal can seem difficult to navigate. Without any guidance, you might end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure your way out to complete the submission. Whether it is to fill out all the forms presented or uploading any document correctly, the firm’s professionals aim to have your submission experience be an effortless and efficient one.

Therefore, if you need help with applying Singapore PR, finding them to help is one of the safest bets. Their team of dedicated specialists takes pride in their professionalism and quality service to understand your immigration needs. Rest assured if you have no clue about the who, what, where, when and how of the PR application process. This is because the team at Paul Immigrations would hold your hand throughout the process while ensuring that they put your best case forward for the approval.

If you're wondering how the process is like, let me briefly share them with you:

1. Interview Via Phone

The representative will conduct a round of interview over the phone with you to check if they are eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status via a telephone call.

2. Appointment to Evaluate Chances

After the phone interview, the representative will schedule an in-person appointment to verify your details. During this meeting, you will also be getting insights into what your chances of getting the approval for the PR status will be like.

3. Document and Paperwork Collation

After the eligibility evaluation, if you choose to engage their services, you will be requested to submit a list of documents to the firm’s Immigration Specialist (IS). The IS will then complete the PR application form and any collation that is required for the submission package based on the information that you have given them.

4. The PR Application Submission

When everything is in place, the IS will proceed to guide you on how you can navigate ICA’s site to send in the application. After this stage, you can relax and wait for ICA to get back with the evaluation.

5. Await The Result

ICA takes approximately four to six months to approve or reject an application. Depending on the outcome that you receive in your mailbox (i.e. whether it is approved or rejected), the IS is available to advise you on what is the next best course of action to take.

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Click here to check them out and apply for Singapore PR today!

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