YOON Salon Reviews: The Right Choice For You

July 17, 2020

I always feel that hair is one of the most important factors that contribute to your overall look! By picking the right cut or style that matches the shape of your face and colour that complements your skin tone, your tresses can help enhance your features and appearance.

With a good ’do you will feel in control of yourself and ultimately feel confident, that’s why going to a reputable salon is important.

Your Pick of Veteran Stylists

Discover the leading hair salon in Singapore with extensive salon experience and familiarity with the hair service industry. Their team is highly proficient at styling a fresh new cut, and they also provide a comforting treatment which customises to each individual's hair and scalp needs. Helmed by most popular and experienced stylists, many of us who have troubling hair issues can leave with your dream locks.

Their team only provides exceptional service and quality. The same goes for the products that they are using too. With their premium range of products to pamper and reinvigorate your crowning glory, you can be certain that you won’t have to worry about harsh products that can strip away a lot of the natural oils, causing damage to the cuticle layer of your locks.

Wide Range of Services

They have an extensive range of styling services to suit your needs, whatever they may be. I’ll be sharing more about these in detail below.

Premium Haircut

Their stylist will first recommend the right style that best flatters your face shape, skin undertone, and lifestyle. Not to worry because they are very familiar with various types of cutting techniques such as wedge, graduated, blunt, and layered cuts. After discussion and assessment, they will professionally design, cut, and styled, according to the desired look you want to achieve.

Premium Wash And Blow

Pamper your mane and tame the frizz with Wash And Blow! Their stylist will start with a deep cleansing wash on your crowning glory, to wash away excess sebum, product residue and other cell debris from your scalp. Then followed by a soothing massage applied to your crown, neck, and all the way to your shoulder (omg my favourite haha). Not only does it help with your blood circulation, it also encourages cuticle growth and for your body to relax. To lock the final look in, a blow dry with comfortable temperature helps to add that touch of silky smooth shine.

Premium Colouring/Premium Creative Colouring

Nothing beats a fresh dye job to completely reinvent your appearance. From their wide range of hair tones and dyes available, their expert colourist will know which to pick for your desired new colour. Once the colouring solution has coated your locks, some heat will be applied to further encourage your cuticles to take up the colours all the way into the deeper layers. The results will be visible and natural as you will achieve a high-quality and vibrant eye-catching colour. 

Premium Bleaching

Bleaching your mane has become a major colour trend in the last couple of years. Their colorist will first pick the right blend of bleaching agents for your tresses before expertly coating your cuticles with the solution. To lock the new bright colour in at the strand’s cortex level, a quick sit under the thermal machine should do the trick.

Premium Rebonding

Rebonding is the most fuss-free solution that helps Singapore ladies with curly, frizzy tresses be more manageable. Their professional stylist will first apply a straightening solution to your cuticles, to break down the natural bonds. Followed by the usage of professional equipment, to reset the protein bonds and straighten their arrangement. After the rebonding process, a neutraliser will be added to your mane, to keep it straight for a long time. Your crowning glory will achieve a smooth and straight texture.

Premium Perming

The perming options are endless! There are various techniques and ways to perm your locks that can result in different looks. Their stylist will first apply a perming blend to your tresses, to penetrate the inner structures and weaken the bonds in your cuticle strands. They will then curl and reshape your cuticles, according to the desired look. After the perming process, an oxidation lotion will be applied to your locks, to strengthen it again.

Premium Creative Hair Shaping

Their dedicated stylist will first apply a straightening solution to the top portion of your locks. They will then use professional equipment, to reset the protein bonds and straighten them. Next, they will apply a perming blend to the bottom portion of your locks. The last step will be to curl and reshape your cuticles, according to the desired look. After the shaping process, an oxidation lotion will be applied to your new curls, to strengthen it again.

Hair Defrizzing Treatment

Hair defrizzing treatments can prolong the results of chemical services or even tame your frizzy mane. Their veteran specialist will be able to take your hair condition to the next level. Their treatment essence is fantastic at strengthening and repairing your strand layers from within, for a smoother look. The final serum applied to your mane closes the treatment. To continue the results, you will get boosters to be applied weekly over the next month.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Taking care of your locks also means taking care of your base. In order to decongest your scalp of the buildup of dead cells and product residue, their trained specialist will start with scalp exfoliation, focusing on the follicles. The end goal is cuticle growth, so it's imperative to include photodynamic therapy (PDT). This rebalances the pH and moisture levels of your scalp. PDT is followed up by a lymphatic massage for your scalp, as well as weekly boosters given to you to last you for a month. The end result is a healthy scalp that is free from dandruff and oil-controlled and encourages healthy hair growth.

$28 Offer For Your First Time

We know finding the right hair salon or stylist can be much harder than you might imagine. What makes it easier is a great offer you can’t miss out on. For only $28, you can enjoy your first session of any of these services I have shared with you. All you need to do is visit their website and make your online booking for the first appointment. Don’t delay, book your first slot today!

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