July 21, 2006

HEY (:

well. ermm. first let me say somethin to someone.

erm. it's been a time since i'm with you and i'm really tryin beri hard. think to you friends ish much more impt. tt's wat i think. to me i feel you're not gibin enough. and to you i'm not gibin enough. but to myself i'm gibin quite alot. i think also no point sayin all these now also. but i just wan you to be happy and be happy xD. we can still go out. we are just not meant for each other. so let's end it. somemore it's not lub afterall. just crushy. we didn start it. so i cant say we end it now. watever tt ish. takecare of yrself and dunch keep on fall sick. da tissue papers are still on my hands, for all yr sweat. dunch skip yr meals. as you will always be hungry at nite. we shall keep in contact. who knows wat future hab for us?

i dunch feel like bloggin anymore. till then. thanks for readin and taggin.

i hab change my tagboard too. as da pervious one, it keep resfreshin. so cant tagg.

takecare everyone. <3


________________________i'm not sad. yet not happy

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