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September 10, 2006

hey people (:

i finally cut my hair le. it's like quite short now. but i guess it still look okay bah =x cause shorter hair makes me look younger =DD YAY! i feel like i'm secondary TWO now =DD

i'm quite scared about tomorrow because i'm going to start work >.<

yesterday went out to bugis and cityhall with fingers as usual without that arronYAP. haha. we went to eat NYNY. it's like super fun and nice =D

the food is not really nice but we did have fun in there xD

and i bought a pair of converse. white one. which i wanted it for like so long.

to think of it, i've got lots of pictures to put up like my primary school gathering and yesterday that NYNY and of course the 'HEX' outing which is like ages ago -.-

so now i shall blog about the 'HEX' outing (:

'HEX' is actually a group made up by SIX people. Cassandra, Priscilla, Benjamin, Amenda, Randy and Domanic. so what's the WOW thing? WE ARE COUSINS and our age is in a decending order. 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and 14 (in order to the names listed above). i think it's super cool cause not many cousins can be that close. so does that's WOW you (:

of course we have much more little cousins but they're younger. '5ive' was our pervious group name but Domanic joined us so we renamed it as 'HEX'.

Cassandra + Priscialla + Amenda = SISTERS

Benjamin + Randy = BROTHERS

and Dominic have TWO younger brother. but they're not in HEX larh. (:

so let's see the pictures of our outing but Dominic is not there with us due to some commitment.

pris + cass + ben

and again xD

me and cass xD

close to natural =x

my cutie little brother <3

we went to have Fish&CO.

yummy !!

they look cute xD

that's really natural (:

me and pris xD

we look funny >.<

randy + pris =D

menda and cass.

we finished eating and we went TOY'R US !!

i love BARNEY SONG!~

elmo-ing ~

haha. flowery.




water gun !!

they both

look the same !

we got chase out by the people working there and we went swensens ...

our memories. TOPLESS FIVE.

we ordered sticky chewy chocolate too (:

actually that's not all the pictures we took. we took over 50 photos. xD

alright. i'm really scared for tomorrow. this job is not going to be easy. i know. ohmy. ohgod.

notice all my words do not contain short form at all now or those strange spelling. but that doesn't mean that my tenses will be correct lar. my english sucks hell. i must repeat my english got C6 -.-"

argghh. thanks people for reading and tagging. i'm like so happy to read all your tags. haha. really!

<3 you people. and all the best to myself for tomorrow =D

takecare (:


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