May 16, 2007

Do you love asking yourself questions and yet you are the one answering them all by yourself?

Okay! Let me try!

About blogging....

Q: Why does your blog always flooded with pictures?

Cause pictures speaks more than a thousand words.

Q: Your pictures are taking years to load and many doesn't even show up?

Click on Refresh and Refresh.

Q: Which Blogger do you actually like the most?


Q: Why?

Because the way she blog would make the reader wanting to continue read her entries. Her pictures are well edited and in the right size for us to view and the blog is interesting and not messy in terms of her blog layout.

Q: What kind of Blogs do you hate to visit the most?

Blogs which automatically start playing LOUD AND NOISY music when we just enter in.

The Extras....

Q: Why are you feeling so tired now?

Cause i didn't sleep a single wink since yesterday night due to my projects.


so good night!

p/s: Just click on the [x] at your top right hand corner! This entry is just so nonsensical! or maybe you have better questions?!
mail me mail it to me! haha!

FYI: People tends to go alittle crazy without proper sleep.
Bear with it alittle alright!


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