4/5 & 8-5

July 25, 2007

I'm so sorry that I forgotten to warn you guys for the disturbing pictures on the previous entry! I really forgotten!! But I did put it up now!

Like what people say... It's better to be late than never! :D

Let me show you guys some pictures! But not to worry this time round, cause these pictures are not disturbing at all and wont cause you guys to vomit your intestine out! :D

One of my course mate's laptop! How crazy is that?

Computer sometimes go crazy too!

Some random pictures :

Result of not saying "1, 2, 3!" when taking pictures for others.

We drew these in class when we were bored!

Mysterious Black

Gosh. I'm pretty tired now, that's why I'm like just posting up random pictures. I just got back home from Chinatown, Orchard and Yishun.

Went Kbox, met up secondary school mates and then a movie, The Vacancy. It's NICE :)

I think I should go and have a nice shower and then to sleep, as my lesson is at 8.00am later! Actually 4 out of 5 days my lesson starts at 8 and ends at 5!



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