The things I do for free tickets!

July 26, 2007

Anything which is related with the word "FREE"

We, as a typical Singaporean will ...

But this time round is different cause Nuffnang don't let me queue to get the tickets! When I saw the email from them about this first event that Nuffnang had, I already wanted to go badly! Cause cause cause, I want to .......

Gain more exposure and also the goody bags! =x

Maybe this is a once in a lifetime chance! and furthermore I don't have to queue, I just need to blog :D

soooo .... I will ....

1. Put on red lipstick and flour for the event!

(Gosh! I look so scary here!)

2. Change my blogskin to red and white :D

3. Ask my mum to record the live telecast of the NDP07. As I will miss it, cause I will be out for a exclusive event! :D

4. Paint my whole room RED!

5. Dream every night about having the tickets!

Lastly, to call and inform everyone I know that I will not be available on the 9th August cause I will be going for the event!

p/s: I hope Isaac can also get the tickets! So we can go together! It's always better to have someone with the same passion as you to go for a event that memorable!

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