11 Most Expensive Shit!!!

August 26, 2007

I don't know what happen to me today, I just couldn't blog what I want and my mind just keep on going blank.

So this led to the previous entry with only 1 picture and also this entry, which is just sharing with you guys some interesting stuff I saw through the net.

But good things are worth sharing isn't it? Enjoy! :D

$1,500,000 for a Box of Chocolates

Le Chocolat features a selection of Lake Forest Confections gourmet chocolates, selected by the confectioners master candy maker, as well as an arrangement of magnificent jewelry from Simon's personal jewelry and gemstone vault. The price tag is $1,500,000. The jewelry that comes along with the box of chocolates includes a "priceless" collection of natural yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires from Simons Jewelers.


$163,000 for Hello Kitty

Sanrio came out with a platinum Hello Kitty. Its W3.8xH5.6cm and weighs 590g. The miniature Hello Kitty comes with seven hair ribbons made of gems including diamond, ruby, pink sapphire, amethyst and blue topaz. The figurine comes with a price tag of ¥18,9-million -- ($163,000 US) a record high in Hello Kitty's extensive line-up. Only one set is available, which went on sale on December 2006 at the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo.


$130,000 for a TV

The Yalos Diamond LCD TV costs $130,000, but its really worth it. You see, the LCD TV is plated in white gold and encrusted with 20 carats worth of diamonds. A TV encrusted with diamonds... just what the world need it.


$14,000 for a Tea Bag

Boodles jewelers (an exclusive jeweller based in the UK) made a diamond teabag to celebrate PG Tips 75th birthday. The tea bag was hand-crafted using 280 diamonds. The tea bag is valued at around $14,000.


$225,000 for Tequila

Tequila Ley .925 sold a single Platinum and White Gold tequila bottle for $225,000 to a private collector in Mexico City, Mexico. The liquor was made out of 100% blue Agave liquid and was aged for six years. The company won the Guinness Book of World Records title for the most expensive bottle of liquor sold in the world. For those of us who can't afford the Platinum bottle, the company also sells the Gold and Platinum bottle for $150,000 and the Silver & Gold bottle for $25,000.


$41,000 for a Toy

Gundum is one of the longest running Japense animation series. The figurine weighs in at 1,400 grams (45oz) and stands 13cm (5") tall. He is made of pure platinum which explains its name "Gundam Fixed Platinum." At today's prices, melted down, he would go for $41,468!


$68,000 for a Cricket Ball

This diamond studded cricket ball was presented to the Best Indian and Best International players at the 2007 Cricket World Cup tournament. Each diamond ball is studded with 5,728 pieces of diamonds with a worth of approximately $68,500.


$1.3 Million for a Cell Phone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is made out of platinum and rose gold. It has over 80 diamonds on it. There are 50 diamonds going up and down the sides (10 are blue diamonds), the navigation key has 28 diamonds surrounding it and the navigation butan>ton is actually a 1/2 carat diamond. The buttons on the sides are suppose to be diamonds too.


$1.63 Million for a Purse

The handbag is shaped out of pure platinum and studded with 2,182 diamonds totaling 208 carats. The handbag has a brilliant price tag of $1.63 million.


$225,000 for a Parking Spot

ABC.com reports ".... in space-starved Manhattan, a parking space is considered prime real estate. There's actually a waiting list for the $225,000 spot." People who don't even own cars are buying parking spaces as investments to flip. So exactly what do you get for your $225,000? A 18 feet by 9 feet parking spot.


$1,000 for a Pizza

The 12-inch pizza is topped with creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, salmon roe, and a little bit of wasabi to complement all the fish. The pizza is cut into eight... that is a mere $125 for each serving.

All sources from: oddee.com

UPDATE (2:30pm): Hey guys! Was wondering if you have the chance to choose to own 1 out of the 11 most expensive shit, which one will you choose?

I actually wanted to choose the Pizza. $1000 for a Pizza leh! Cause I think I will NEVER spend such a huge sum of money on food. Which is kind of stupid? Cause after all the $1000 Pizza will end up in the toilet bowl!! -.-

But the Pizza looks yummy though! *drools*

Forget about the Pizza! I think I will go for the $1.63 Million Purse! Cause it is the MOST expensive shit among the 11! :D

And if I sell the purse away, I will then become a MILLIONAIRE!



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