2 newly grown MOLE!

August 28, 2007

Not on my face or nose anymore.

This time round, it is on my laptop!

I bet you think I am just crapping away again! Don't believe?

Take a look yourself!

Yes. I know the quality of the picture sucks.

I guess you all did notice that recently the quality of all my pictures sucks. Cause I usually use my phone to take pictures and now my phone is failing!

Due to massive impact my phone gets, like flying all over the places or even sometimes swimming in a pool of water :x

I hope thats not counted as ill treating my phone! Anyway, here is another shot of the two newly grown mole!

My laptop is failing too! Just like my phone! ALL GETTING OLD ALREADY AH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now my laptop LCD screen is spoil, I guess I have to call up Acer for repair soon! Since it is free cause it is still under the 3 year warranty! :D Just that I am really too busy to arrange a time for them to come down to my house for repair!

And I have been using this laptop with MOLE for like a few days already! It blocks the part (where it is grown) which makes me so difficult to see some of the website and etc.

Talking about 'lousy quality pictures', I have decided to get a PERSONAL camera for myself.

Yes, sadly I am not a rich ass kid like you do. And thus working this holiday is the only way for me to get it! :(

Which brand of the cameras are good and affordable?

Any recommendations?


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