Hello Stranger.

August 16, 2007

If you won $333 this afternoon, what would you do with it?

I will scream and yell telling my whole family about it! Tear the notes up into pieces and share with them and maybe you! :D

I think I will write a will. $1 for mummy. $1 for daddy. $1 for bro. $1 for Angie. $1 for Lindy. $1 for Zhen jun. $1 for Isaac. $1 for Sun yan zi. $1 for ..... etc. until $333 is all spilt up.

I will change $333 into denomination of 5 cents and pour all over myself!!! Thinking that I'm superbly rich!!

I am just bored, like totally.
Maybe I should go eat some Corn Flakes.

or I could dress up like our Singapore Flag, to celebrate belated National Day.

Maybe drinking that many beer would help?

ARGH! I guess I would rather eat a hairy banana then! BYE!


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