Stop the Donut Craze!

August 15, 2007

Everyone keep on telling me that the Spicy Cheese donut from Donut Factory is really great! Cause they knew that I love cheese alot and always telling me how nice is the cheese donut is, make me crave for all the cheesy stuff.

Cheese fries! Cheese ruffles! Cheesy pizza! Salmon with Cheese! Cheesy baked rice! :D

I wanted to try the spicy cheese donut, but I will not queue for hours just to buy the donut cause it would be seriously wasting of time.

Was at Suntec City few days back with Brandy and Lindy. And we saw quite a number of people each carrying 2 boxes of donuts from Donut Factory.

We were making a wild guess that maybe Donut Factory had already opened a new outlet at Suntec City. So we walk to the area where we can see a queue there and yup! We really saw Donut Factory.

Not very sure whether this outlet had already been there for long or so? But for this outlet you can actually dine in there!

There are 2 queues there! One is for dining in or buying not more than 2 donuts for take away. The other queue is basically for those who want to buy donuts in dozen. Which means you do not have to queue the super long queue if you only want to buy 2 donuts!

We decided to dine in there since we had never dine there before. And for only just 5 minutes of queuing up, we can sit down and enjoy our donuts already! Fast huh! :D

This is mine! Spicy Cheese and Orange White Chocolate!

I forgotten what donut they actually eat though! But I guess mine is much much more nicer :x

I always use spoon to replace knife. Maybe I'm too use to it due to using spoon and fork to eat Chicken Chop in school.

We then went to support Hong Ming as he is having a dance competition at Suntec! Victoria and Kenneth was there too!

Suntec City changed quite alittle since the last time I went there. There is this new fountain there, a small one. Some pictures if you haven seen it before!

Full view

The lighting there is really nice and so taking pictures there would be totally great! :D

Lindy look seductive here.

After that, me and Lindy went KBOX and we sing till morning! Oh yah! I missed out the 3 ugly pictures that we took!

I think Lindy's one is not ugly enough!

That's all guys! I will update on my mum's birthday celebration soon! She thanks those who left her a comment and you guys know what? She went to check everyday whether there is new comments anot lah! Guess she's quite happy about that! :D

There is still so much I want to say. Well, maybe in the next entry. I know some jokes on my previous entries are quite lame. But some are funny what! Like the nippleless joke! Only if you get what it means, if not it is not funny at all!


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