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October 31, 2007


After hooking fingers, I know you're back here for more! :)

Didn't go for school today, cause I really couldn't wake myself up! At first, Lindy and me plan to go check out the phone that we wanted after school today but ...

in the end the both of us didn't go school at all! -.-

I don't know whether should I get,

Samsung Ultra Edition 12.1



Any suggestions from you guys?

But the thing is that Lindy's plan is just 8 months only! And mine is about a year. So if I want to buy the phone I have to pay $100 more!

Aiya, I really like the both phone alot! :(

I would rather give up buying PSP Slim/Nintendo DS just to buy a new phone!

I can't stand my current phone which have already started to disintegrate!

Oh yah! After saying all these, please don't think I'm oh-so-rich or whatever!

My father is just a taxi driver and my mum doesn't work, so my family income isn't great. It's just enough, sometimes below average.

We have to apply for school's bursary somemore okay.

Whatever I want and I need I have to work for it, during holidays and even school days (when I was in year 1).

My laptop is bought using my pay, my handphone, my camera, my clothes etc.

I admit at times I will feel envious about some rich ass kid cause whatever they want they just need to ask money from their parents, and they'll get it!


But I'm pretty much happy with my life now, cause I have a happy family which many of my friend are envious of me instead.

At least I won't grow up to become a 'bai jia zi' (I don't know whats the word in English eh!), and cause my whole family to bankruptcy!

Alright, time for pictures!

Although I really love eating Ichiban's sushi but eating it for consecutively 3 days is horrible!

First day is with Angie, but we didn't take much pictures. And the next day is with Isaac!

He snap a few pictures of me, and one of the pictures I was literally ....

Cause below is a swimming pool!

Only 1 out of that many pictures I was giving that look!

Quite classic I thought.

Talking about Isaac, he did a blogskin for me few decades back but I just didn't use it! I don't know why too, anyway I still need to thank him for that! :)

The last day of Ichiban-ing is with Victoria, Lindy and Brandy.

Brandy & Me

Lindy & Victoria

Yummy Salmon!

For the last day with them, I only ate 3 plates cause I really can't stand it anymore! No more dining at Ichiban for a few weeks at least, for me.

Alright! Off to complete all my assignment which is due tomorrow!

I was actually doing it halfway then suddenly I open up my blogger account and ..... :p


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