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November 03, 2007

Was ask for a short interview by one of my readers for her graded assignment and the assignment is presented in an article (newspaper format).

Oh anyway if you all are interested, below is the article :

Typical Blogger turns Untypical

Benjamin Toh, 18, is known as TypicalBen in his blog. He shares his tips of how to make your blog posts more interesting. With these tips, it creates a chance for you to earn more traffic and which means more money too!

By: Celestine See Hui Min

Bloggers host their blog at blog hosting sites and some for their leisure time or even, earning money. The advertisement communities set up give a chance to blogger to earn money through advertisements when they get traffic.

Benjamin Toh, known as TypicalBen in his blog started out blogging when he was 14 years old. He got to know Blogger.com which is a very popular blogging site to create own personal blogs for free when he was in Secondary 1. At first, he came across blogs online and thought it was fun so he decided to create one. According to Benjamin, “I just want to keep track of all the things which I did and next time when I'm older, it serves as a memories purpose.”

Ultimately, Benjamin has many readers according to his immense unique visit hits, he blogs about what he does daily and also, some nice things he found on website and would like to share with readers. After blogging for around 4 years or so, the inspiration and support that allows him to continue blogging is his readers and comments he get as they go to his blog regularly to read his posts. Also, he feels that he himself loves to blog and which, motivated him to carry on blogging.

In Benjamin Toh point of view, he feels that one has to be frank to themselves and blog real things but not faking through. Benjamin had also provided some tips on how to make your post interesting and that is to stop all wordy and boring daily ranting and include some pictures instead of just words alone.

A popular Blogger like Benjamin Toh who is able to create interesting blog posts has gained him many readers. From such immense unique visits hits daily, Blogger can earn really quite a bit of money too.

Many Bloggers joined online advertising community like Nuffnang which Benjamin had joined too. Benjamin Toh said, “It was a new thing at that time cause there’s a chance for us to earn money, so I just try it out putting the Nuffnang ads. Since some of my friends who are also Bloggers also put it too.”

Nuffnang is a popular advertising community for Singapore and Malaysia Bloggers to earn money from. Bloggers who joined the community will earn money when advertisers choose their blog through Nuffnang for their ads to be posted at.

Some other advertising programs are WidgetBucks and Google Adsense where you earn money through visitors of your blog when they click on their advertisements. Not only that, impressions from readers will allow you to be credited too.

Lastly, Benjamin added, “Just be yourself, don’t try so hard to be someone or to even copy someone.”

Benjamin Toh, TypicalBen blog URL: http://typicalben.blogspot.com


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