My NEW phone!

November 04, 2007

The impulsive me went to buy the phone the next day (Thursday) right after I blog about the entry regrading on which phone to buy.

Basically all my friends were pretty shock that I made up my decision that fast, but the fact that I already like the phone before I was even working at Sembawang CC.

It's just that more new phone came out, trying to 'seduce' and lure me into buying them! AHAHAH!

I know that sound alittle stupid!

Anyway, now this freaking dope Samsung Ultra Edition 12.1 U700 ...



I seriously need to thank you guys for all the suggestions/recommendations that you all gave on the phones I should buy!

It's really so nice of you all! :)

Shall give you all some sweets next time!!

And and and I don't know why everyone is asking me to buy Sony Ericsson's phones instead of everything else.

Not that I don't like but I've already had Sony Ericsson phone before, but not Samsung mah! *excuses*

Alright! Just a short one for today okay?

I got to go and prepare to my grandma house now!


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