Joyeux Anniversaire

October 20, 2007

Don't get what my tittle means?

It's Happy Birthday in French.

Muhahahaahaha! Pro right?!

Actually you don't have to feel so noob about yourself cause you can also know it just by google-ing it!

Cause that's what I did :x

Anyway back to what I want to blog, asked Angie along to Esther & Isaac's Birthday Party few weeks back! :)

Isaac & Esther


See! I'm helping Isaac to put up his candles, and I don't know why I kept on breaking most of the candles into two.

Luckily there are enough candles, if not sure get scolded one! Imagine putting up 10 candles instead of 16!

WAHAHAHAHHAHAA! But if really that happen then just put 1 candle can already right?

Much easier hor?!

Can't understand why people love to poke so many candles into their cake, a very nice and fantabulous yummy cake also will become freaking ugly lor -.-

After singing the birthday song for them, they then carry on to make their wish!

It's time to take pictures with the Birthday boy and girl!

Me with Birthday Boy & Girl

Roaring, Ass, Miracle, Typical, Leif

Angie & Esther

Alright, that's all I guess? I'm going back to my Facebook :)

p/s: Want to watch the cutting cake video again? Click here!


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