Vitamin B

October 18, 2007

YAY! I'm back to blog!

After my terrible headache, I'm like having sore throat now :)

But Strepsils will soon cure it, as it always does. Just feeling so tired ever since school started, I don't even have the time to get online to blog or even poke my friends in Facebook.

Everyday after I came home, I'll sure fall onto my bed and sleep till morning.

Look at this (I took it on the first day of school):

So not just only me, everyone is tireddddd!

Many of our friends went overseas during the holidays and of course we're expecting some presents from them! :x

Brandy told us that he bought back something for us from Thailand! Being a close friend of us, take a look at what he bought ....

For Victoria & Lindy

Still not that bad lah! And now, for me and Hong Ming ...

An elephant design tissue box cover -.-

I was like .... "WHAT!". So useless, I also cannot use it lor!


And so I gave it to my mum.

He told me he bought a Rubik's Cube at Thailand for $2 only!

You know Rubik's Cube?

I remember I did play with it before when I was still a child, but I never ever complete it before in my entire life. Noob huh?

And I feel like playing it now, cause I want to complete it :)


The 3 of us met up to chill but ended up eating non-stop from places to places.

Firstly, is The Sandwich Shop (The first job me & Angie had) at Raffles Place.

They treated us orange mango smoothies!

Thinking of having ice cream as dessert in mind, we then went to Swensens at Marina Square right after we finish our sandwiches.

Side dishes

Angie & Zi Xiang

Our yummy ice cream!

And you can see how much they enjoy it:

Not forgetting the typical me :)

I love my Sticky Chewy Chocolate ice cream!

Alright, I guess that's all for now!

Thank you guys for the concern of my headache the other time round! So nice of you all :)

And I'll blog about Esther & Isaac's Birthday party tomorrow!

Something random:

I hate cherry! Yucks!


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