it's 2008!

January 03, 2008


Dear Year 2007,

You've given me a wonderful time throughout the past whole year!!

Thanks to my lovely family, friends and blog readers!

It has been alittle different for me after my blog hits had a huge leap just within a few months during 2007.

I need to thank you guys for the stable thousands over unique hits, this typical blog gets now (per day).

I really need to thanks all my sweet & nice readers who,

- care for me (especially when I'm ill or that time I actually fell).

- having you guys accompanying me to chat at the comment box when I'm bored at work and it even hit thousand over comments!

- left me comments even on my boring-est ranting entry.

- wants to plan a Birthday Party (2008) for me.

- wanted to airmail presents over to me!

- gave me mean/constructive comments!

- plus much much more sweet stuff you people did!

I'm really very touched and I've been telling to my friends how great this is and not everyone can actually get this privilege. I know my family and friends are really happy for me too!

Like sometimes when you guys saw me outside, you will come up to me and say hi!

That really brighten up my day! :)

Another bonus this blog gives me, is the little income I earn through blogging now.

And and and, all these stuff wouldn't have happen to this typical blogger without ....

YOU! :)

I'm really glad to have you guys around!

I love you people! :D

p/s: To start a brand new year off for my blog, give my blog a comments rush! Flood this entry with your new year greeting! (Or whatever you want to say or scold?) :D


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