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January 04, 2008

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As we all know that music is an essential part of our lives, as it serves as a form of entertainment and means of reaching out to people!

So now I've got this chance to learn at a music school, choosing a RIGHT one is important!

Therefore I choose to go to,


Let me bring you guys to tour around and also, giving you people 10 good reasons to learn Singing there too!

1. Wide range of courses!

They have different courses available at Music Story.

Ranging from: Vocal Singing, Vocal Singing for Kids, Music Composing to Pop Keyboard and various genres of dance.

2. Warm and supportive environment!

You wouldn't want to go to a school where everyone is selfish and unfriendly right?

At Music Story, the instructors and students there are really very friendly! I saw them sharing their lives and joking around with each other!

Just like a big family!

3. Founder: Anthony Png!

Also known as Fang Zhong Hua, if you guys are more familiar with this name.

With his rich and over two decades of strong performing experience, he has been invited to judge many singing competition like Project Superstar and also coach all 20 finalists for Campus Superstar.

To date, Anthony Png has taught more than 800 students including local and regional artists!

4. Idols & Superstar!

Music Story had taught many Singers like Joice Kok, Yong Er, Tan Diya, Daren Tan etc.

I'm sure you do recognize some of them?

5. Caring & Helpful instructors!

There are several instructors here, each focusing on the different techniques and aspect of singing.

All of them are really professional, they try their best to teach and help the students here to develop their creativity and confidence!

Look how engross I'm into their teaching:

To add on something on top of that, all the instructors are really caring and friendly! Plus, they are nice to talk with too!

6. Great facilities!

They are well equipped with all the great music facilities which allows every student there to learn music with ease!

And just when I thought they only have one level of rooms,




They have even more rooms upstairs, each to cater for all the different students learning needs.

7. I love Music Story!

Learning music there is definitely the right choice! I really had a fun-filled one day learning experience at Music Story!

Also partly because of all the mirrors they have in the room!

Yes, I so love them! :x

8. Video!

(I'll be "singing" towards the end of the video!)

And for the last two is, the Promotion they're having now!!

9. Student Promotion

If you're a student of any Institution, TAKE NOTE!

For 4 Lessons now, it's only at $118! (up: $188)

It's really a great deal and totally worth the price!

You can actually get to learn: Pitching, Rhythm, Feel, Vocal Projection, Vocal Expressions, Voice Techniques, Diaphragm Usage and Control.

10. Sing & Dance Promotion

Always want to dance and sing like how Jolin or Rain did it on their MTV?

You got the chance now! This promotion package not only train you in the area of Vocals but Dance & Stage presentation too!

It's now $398 for 12 lessons + 1 Free Presentation Class! (up: $564)

If you want to know more information/enquires or to sign up their promotion package:

Call 6223 0012 or e-mail them at

Comments Disallowed! :)


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