January 09, 2008

Okay, I'm not very happy!!

I didn't know my mum actually ate 3/4 of the Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownies and then put it back to the fridge!

*Seriously, my family has always been like that! Like for eating chips right, they will eat until left around 5 pieces of it and they will then seal it up and keep it. Like I don't know who they leave the 5 pieces of chips for lor! *roll eyes*

And just now, I was happily telling her I'm going to eat the tub of Ben&Jerry's while I blog. But when I open it up, I only can eat like less than 10 spoonful lah!

Feeling damn bu shuang now! :(

Tomorrow I'll go buy back 2 tubs of Ben&Jerry's and eat until 3/4 then put it back to fridge! *evil laughs*

But I love mummy still!


I'm not learning or a student at Music Story!!!

I don't understand why everyone is asking me this question over and over again. I'm basically just doing an advertorial for them okay? :)

Also, about my irregular updates recently:

I'll be blogging on super frequently mode now!

Like maybe everyday (if I can), cause the blogging bug is BACK! No wonder I've been typing non stop since I open the create post page on Blogger, and the feeling is super shiok!

Alright! Going off to edit the dozen, millions of pictures which is collecting cobs web in my D & E Drive!

My memory of my lappy is always running low, sometimes critically low :(

Got to go get a hard disk soon!



Act as if you're scared while playing with the swing!



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