No, please don't come!

April 27, 2008

I was wrong!

Guess I shouldn't say I love lizards in the first place.

But matter fact is that I prefer lizards to cockroaches, as you people know from my past entries right. But something quite horrible happen recently.

Alright, should tell you people!

After the puking of blood incident, I've been sleeping pretty early! As early as 9pm, I'm already on my bed dozing off!

And thats not all!!!

Guess the time I wake up?!

5am!!! I'll just automatically wake up at that atrocious time, which is my sleeping time before man!

Okay, I'm making an exception today cause I already had a very ridiculously long afternoon nap just now (around 7 hours). Though, I feel like sleeping now!

I think I spend most of the time sleeping now lor!

And thus, I've developed much feelings for it and have yet to do my 4 assignment which had to be handed in on Monday.

Stress ah! :(

So much of side-tracking, let me get back to the lizard issue!

As I was saying, I slept pretty early recently right! I then notice numerous number of lizards crawling around my celling, and giving out noises!

I don't know whether it's barks, chirps or whistles (as found from Wikipedia) they're making, but certainly it's annoying!


But I didn't really bother much about them, as I said I'm not scared of lizards anyway and it's normal to have lizards at houses one what!

Due to my horror, I saw these on my floor about 2 days back:



And more LAO SAI!! :(

(Lao sai = Diarrhoea)

All those watery shit is everywhere in my room lor!

But surprisingly, only the area around my bed and my desk doesn't have it!

Disturbing you know!

I can confirm those are lao sai and not normal shit lor! Cause their normal shit is those black black, oval shape like rice grain that shape one!

Close up of their 'lao sai'!

But this is obviously watery and also consisting of small little bits of medium-hard shit, as you can see from the picture!

Our diarrhoea also consists of those medium hard shit what!

So those are LAO SAI!


I reckon they're planning to build their LIZARDS EMPIRE in room after they knew I actually said I love them than those ugly cockroaches!!

(But I don't think they read my blog anyhow?)

It's been really long since I see any cockroaches appear man!

And yet I've been seeing lizards everyday and I just saw one running across my desk while I'm blogging right now!

Worse is that mummy doesn't want to clean away those lao sai lor! She even say something like:

"See! You recently got no mosquito bites right? Thanks to all the lizards in your room ah! They save you from getting all the bites!"

Crazy one sia, mummy!


Below are all the pictures I've edit and uploaded quite sometime back but didn't have chance to blog cause all are really, too random.


To support Hongming and Vicks!

My friend's (Ade) phone:

And I used it to go to my blog!

The filled up whiteboard:

One of our really nice lecturer started writing the tutorial questions on the whiteboard non-stop from the time we came for the lecture.

But we all have already completed the tutorial before we came for this lesson! So after he finish writing, we asked whether can we leave if we've already finished all the tutorial questions, and he said 'YES'.


In the end, whatever he wrote is basically useless.

But he's really a nice lecturer anyway!

I totally forgotten when did I drink this?!

And seriously, I also don't know why I went to edit this picture of this drink and upload it up wanting to blog about it!



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