Not too late!

May 03, 2008

Wah Wah Wah!

Very very tired. Sorry for disappearing all these while and not updating my blog, cause this whole week had been really hectic and busy for me! :(

So you people might be coming back everyday, yet seeing the same old post over and over again. Okay okay, you guys can continue to curse and swear at me.


Quite a number of people have been mailing me or telling me that they can't see any of the entries on my blog at all (showing blank white space), for like days already.


Do you people face this problem anot?

Cause I don't know whats wrong with it or anything like that! But for me, I can actually load the whole page properly leh.

Aiya, I think I just asked a very dumb question.

Cause if you guys do face the similar problem as mention, you people wouldn't be reading this and then telling me that you all can actually view it!

Obviously, my brain is not functioning well now.

I'll blog again really soon!

I miss putting up random pictures and I've got alot of things to rant or blog about suddenly!

Anyhow, I've already tired solving the problem of being unable to load my entries already! Hopefully it helps though! Tomorrow I still have to rush out 50 over sketches and few assignment, so I've to be a good boy and go to bed now!

And if you're too free, you can watch this video below! :)

p/s: To those who previously faced the problem (with entry page not loading) and if you can see it now, please do inform me again if this following few days you encounter the same problem again okay? :)

p/p/s: I totally LOVE the song in the video!!!


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