Blogging daily for 10 days!

September 08, 2008

I know you all sure don't believe me one lor!

But it's true okay!!

Looking real tired lately.

As I've been invited to be part of a campaign, iTest, which is supported by IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) to be sort of a product tester!

Therefore, I've given a new gadget (really chio I tell you!) and I'll be blogging about the experience of me using it over at for 10 days!

No, I won't be telling you people what my gadget is first!

Shall keep you guys in suspense! Muahahahaha.

Okay lah, I shall not be so bo liao.

The gadget I've been given is a laptop, Asus Eee PC 900!!

Sneak preview of how it looks like!

Pretty right?!

And I'm sure many of you will like it alot cause it's portable, small, light, chio and really chio!!!

So anyway.

I'll be blogging about the features plus all sorts of stuff that I can do with it over the 10 days, and also I will be answering questions related to it too! So when you guys read my entries there, and if you have any questions regarding the laptop, you can just ask me by leaving me a comment there okay? :)

Of course, I'll still be blogging here too lah!

Now you guys won't say that I'm not blogging that frequently already! Cause for the following 10 days you got things to read everyday leh!! Shiok anot??!!!!

So do support hor! :D

p/s: The website is!

p/p/s: I'll only be blogging there starting on 9 September 2008 (which is tomorrow or today, depends on when do you read this entry), during the afternoon!

p/p/p/s: Remember to leave me a comment there too alright?!


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