Not a routine, so get out from it.

September 07, 2008

Shall blog alittle before going to bed.

I know I might not be the right person to say this, but sometimes it hurts and at times annoying, to see many of my close friends going through the depression periods when they're out of love or having issues related to their love life.

I think people have the mind set that, when you're sad (whether it's related to love, or other aspects in life) you tend to do things which makes you feel even worse.

I mean, for example.

You had a tiff with your boyfriend/girlfriend and ended up he/she initiate to break up with you.

Feeling sad, depress and lost....

You went to listen to sentimental songs, look at all the pictures you guys took together, you couldn't eat well, couldn't sleep well, don't feel like going to school, dread to see him/her, feel like dying. etc.

I mean that's what usually people do what, right?

I'm not saying that it's wrong, cause it's alright to feel sad furthermore we're human beings, we have feelings and therefore it's alright to feel sad and stuff.

But why do we have the thinking that when we're sad we must do all these things which further worsen it?

Why do you go listen to sentimental sad songs when you're sad?

Is it because you have the mind set that, "Oh, I'm sad so I should do this, this and this." When you can actually step out of the cycle which do otherwise."

I think many, without knowing are doing this all the time.

When they're sad, they will do a series of things and action which are very similar to what all people usually did and they have been doing it whenever they're feeling this way all along.

I always tell my friends that..

I know you're sad, but maybe you want to try to step out of the sadness. You're feeling sad and you will be going to do all the silly things. But why not you tell yourself:

I maybe can step out of this routine!

Who say when I'm sad I must cry?

Who say when I sad I must listen to sentimental songs?

You know that you're sad, and therefore the more you should try to make yourself happy!!

Okay. I'm not really sure whether did I put the point that I wanted to convey clearly, cause I'm like feeling so sleepy right now and my eyes are already halfway closed.

Hopefully some of you people do get what I'm trying to say here!

I just want to see everyone around me to be happy.

Including you! :)


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