stupid blogshop sell stupid stuff.

September 03, 2008

You can't believe how dumb some blogshop can get!

As I've been doing alot of online shopping lately, well, I reckon many of you guys already know about it anyway cause I've been talking about it before for quite a number of times.

But I usually don't buy any stuff from most of the blogshop unless their doing spree from other countries or if their stuff are really nice, which is like totally rare for guys lor. So while online shopping right, I've came across some blogshop which I think is stupid as they totally sell stuff that is pretty pointless, and makes me wonder who will actually buy from them.

Okay, let me name some of them out.

Blogshop that sells....

1. Mentos Sweets!

I came across some which sells Mentos sweets at just alittle cheaper than what it is selling out in the supermarket etc. But the thing is after adding up the postage fee which is needed to be send to you, the price is much higher lor.

Stupid anot you say?

Why would people want to pay at a higher price, and need days to wait for it to arrive, where they can get it easily at supermarket or even 'MaMa' shop!

If they're selling different flavour which cannot be found in Singapore still understandable but if it's available around here, like everywhere...

I totally see no point in doing it.

2. Liquid Paper!

What I want to say is pretty much the same as what I've said earlier like the Mentos! As those liquid paper they're selling is commonly found in Popular Bookstore or at any stationary shop!

So, I shall move on! :)

3. Hello Kitty Handphone!

Why is everyone selling Hello Kitty phones!!!

I think it's quite pretty you know! If I'm like a girl and is also a Hello Kitty fans I'll definitely go crazy cause some of their design is quite pretty, even if their function sucks BUT who cares??!!

Design is still the main factor when buying stuff, at least for me.

Actually I got nothing against people selling Hello Kitty phones but until I saw this ............

In orange colour!!

It's really had to find phone in orange colour, as in I want it to be orange originally and not to skin it or whatever.

So that's why I hate them!

I think there's another cartoon character phone in orange which is Winne the Pooh, but I don't like Winne the Pooh a single bit..Well.

And I remember few years back when I'm getting a Motorola phone right, there is in orange (something like pumpkin) colour!!! But the thing is I didn't get it that time!

I don't know why lah!!!

Why will I choose the black one over orange? Weird.


Being ranpical, I've got colourful socks!!


Okay, that's all for being ranpical (really short).

p/s: I'll blog about what you people want to see really soon, after I completely finish it okay?! I'm really excited about it also and is really sure that it's not going to be a short entry like this! Well, I guess almost all understand what I'm talking about yah! :)


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