I'm serious about it okay!

September 30, 2008

Me: Mummy! I really want a puppy dog leh!

Mummy *giving a immediate reply*: Cannot!!

Me: It's been years ever since I've been talking about it lor! I've been wanting it since I was still in Secondary School leh!!!

Mummy: Don't want lah! You know I'm scared of dogs what!

(She or I mean her family actually own like 5 dogs when she's young, but she told me before that one of the dog suddenly went nuts and went to chase her and bite her. Which then, bleed like crazy and left huge ugly scars behind on her thighs.)

Mummy *continues nagging*: And I know you won't takecare of it one, in the end I'll be the one taking care of it, cleaning it's shit and .....

Me: NO LOR!!!!

Mummy: YES LOR, you say say only.


Mummy: Like real hor! You so busy everyday where got time to takecare of it? Even your room also haven pack finish lah, buy all new furnitures also no use. All is still in a mess! Still dare to say!

(See! She always link link link to my everything one!)

Me: But I'm really very busy what!!! My fyp like making me no time to do anything at all man!

Mummy: I know, so you cannot have a dog.

Me: ....

Mummy: You still need to blog and so many stuff, you sure won't takecare one lah!

Me: I don't care! I'm getting one back today!!!!

Mummy: I tell Daddy hor!

Me: I'm using my own money okay!!!!!!

Mummy: Fine lor! Someone now grow up already, but just to tell you that this is my house not yours hor! Next time when you get married, have your own house then get one yourself lah.

Me *trying to act cute*: I don't wanttttttttttt. I want it now!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Mummy: Cannot!!! Very expensive to raise a dog you know anot?!

Me: I know!! I can don't eat or buy any new stuff just to buy food for the dog one!

Mummy: Very funny hor. Now your bank left how much?

Me: $20 lor.

(Cause I revamp my room what!!)

Mummy *started laughing*: See! You can't even get a dog with $20 lah!!

Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! *walks away*

Can you believe that we've been having this same conversation everyday, for like weeks already!!!!!!!!!

I really want a puppy dog!!!!!

I want a Shih Tzu!!

Omg! It's super cuteeeeee!

How how how?!!! :(

I was thinking about since I can't keep a dog (no choice what! who ask that Lao Fuo Ye object me!!), maybe a dwarf bunny or hamster would be good too! But everyone keep telling me that bunny is just like a dog lor, so they rather me to buy a dog.

I don't know leh.

I went to do alot of research on dwarf bunny and hamster yesterday already, maybe after I considered carefully then I'll go get either one.

I really want a pet lah!

p/s: Nabei! Lao Fuo Ye even object me on buying hamster!!!!!!!! :(

p/s/s: By the way! I'm not like those fuckers who buy pets on impulse okay!! I've been wanting a puppy since I was in Secondary School man!!!!! What impulse shit thing, totally not on me alright!!!


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