Why am I always that busy!

September 26, 2008

Giving a sad/troubled/stressful look.

Okay lah, I know I've got to keep up with the pace of blogging.

If not, many of you people will leave me for some other blogger who blogs totally well and is super interesting! Unlike me, which take so long to even come up with one entry and all is so boring. (Oh shit! You find me being sarcastic here? Damn, please don't expose me. Please dont'....)

Somemore, the blogger have the looks (where he/she dress like some Secondary School kids) and having dozen of readers where maybe 11 is his/her friends.

Note that: dozen = 12.

You know from young right, I was told not to compare myself with people who are lousier than me. I mean, in terms of academically, physically or any bloody shit thing lah.

Because if we compare with them, we will never improve.

We will always think that we're far much better than them, therefore we got no motivation or having the mentally to push ourselves further and better.

BUT is there any need to compare?

I believe everyone is special and gifted in their own ways, each of us have our own unique style and stuff.

Unless you choose to follow what others do and become like that someone, then thus others don't see how special you are, yet see you as a shadow of someone else.

Which I thought, is really sad.

Anyway, I was just kidding about you people leaving me for some other -.- blogger because I know you all won't!

Muhahaha. Don't ask me how come I'm so confident about that, cause it's all comes from you people! :)

Picturey pictures!!

Went to Sentosa for suntanning last week!!

I so wanna go suntanning this week too!!! But I don't think I can because I've got a panel presentation for my FYP (which is Final Year Project, for those who asked the other time) on Monday and we're supposed to do out the 3D modeling of it, which I'm not really good at it! :(

Waiting for the train!

Yah! I was wearing singlet that day, and many of my classmates are all pretty shock to see me in singlet when I'm editing my pictures in class.

Skinny then cannot wear singlet meah?!!!!

Anyway, a closer look of the new bag that I've bought:

Very kiddy right! But I like!! :D

5 of us without Aaron!

Once we reach there, we started off by playing with the....

Chicky Cards!!!!

Yi Ting brought the cards there!

She told us it's really fun, cause when she play it with her family they all will get really high over it. But in the end, the game turns out to be very lame.

Not really that fun as what she describe it to be.

Then we started to suntan!!

And that crazy Ke xin is really funny lor!

She is the only one that didn't bring along any towel or mat for suntanning and when we ask her why, she say she actually brought newspaper for suntanning because she doesn't want her bag to be heavy and stuff.



She die die also wanna prove us that she can suntan with it.

Placing her newspaper beside all our towel.

The orange towel is obviously mine!!

I just bought it over at IKEA!!! I think it's $4.90 only!

Time for some tanning!

Well, I didn't take pictures of them in bikinis because they might not want it to appear on my blog and also I'm busy tanning myself and thus not much pictures are taken.

I was the one who suntan the longest that day, the 4 of them after lying down for about an hour all got up to eat ice cream and to get a volley ball.

4 of them playing volleyball while I'm still tanning.

The free gift when you buy the volley ball, ugly shawl.

The end result of me tanning for the day...

No much difference, I think.


Thanks Brandy for driving me to school the other time when I need to bring my another shopping cart to school and also always dropping me at the nearest interchange when going back home!

It's really nice of him! :)

He not only drive me, but all those (in our Fyp class) who stay near him!

Being nice, and to thank him on behalf of everyone..

I shall dump 3 pictures of him washing his car in school, because it's all covered with bird shit early in the morning and he couldn't stand it so he wash his car in school.

Wooo. What a nice butt he have!

Wahh. His sexy butt again!

Some fun stuff we did to relax ourselves during Fyp:

Inspired by Olympics, we then have.....

Olympics FYP!

Muahahahahahaha! They even drew out the official sponsors and the official board casting TV channel.

Playing table tennis!!

We played it everyday without fail, for about 3 weeks already!!!

And each of us represent a country of our choice:

The score board.

The top 3!

Notice the different heights of the chair being adjusted, just like how it is on Olympics for the Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Other than table tennis,

We also play Chinese chess too!


I had a new hair dye last week!!!

I wanted to dye something obvious and different this time round but in the end, it turns out to be the about same.

Next time I'm going to bleach my hair already lor, I don't care since I'm going army soon! No more chance, no more chance!! :(

Hair colour with Flash before hair dye!

Hair colour with Flash after hair dye!

Hair colour under the sun (after hair dye)!

But I feel the colour is not that obvious in real life leh.

I really want something different! You know the colour I chose right, is around something like blonde, but I told them that I don't want it to be too bright, like maybe darker shades of blonde. But I wonder why it turns out to be this colour.


I think I'm going to re-dye my hair maybe next month.

Coloured hair nicer for me or black hair?

What do you think? :)


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