Fyp for 3 weeks already!

September 21, 2008

Great, I didn't blog for like....

One week again.

Sorry ah, cause I've been real tired lately due to fyp + the iTEST blog (for the past 10 days) and have been sleeping before 11pm daily!! I know it's super early and even when I tell my friends about it, they don't bloody believe me at all lor.

I have to go school everyday from 8.30am to 5pm for my fyp!

Then by the time I reach home it'll be about 6.30pm or if I have my dinner outside, it will be around 10pm (most of the time)!!

Aiya, I actually don't know why I'm feeling that tired also.

For normal school days I also never feel so tired at all man, I can sleep at 5 in the morning and go school at 6am with not much problems at all. Alrighttttt...

Shall show you the desk that will be mine for this 3 months of fyp!

The look of it when we first got our own desk!

I think it's the second day of our fyp when we got all hype up and excited about having our own personal desk!! Cause we were all thinking about how to decorate it, what to bring to store and to display on our desk.

So I suggested that each of us shall keep a fighting fish!

But until now we still haven't get it as we couldn't find any fish shop near our school! It's pretty troublesome to buy it after school, then bring it home and the next morning have to bring it to school.

Here's how my desk look after alittle revamp:

Just alittle messy though.

I actually wanted to decorate it more but in the end, I got lazy.


I know you also saw the change in lappy in the picture (maybe you don't), from my Acer lappy to my new Asus lappy which I've been bringing it to school for this whole week cause it's so damn light.

And I specially went to buy a new mouse for it!

Pretty mouse in white with orange going over it at the sides!

Quite nice right, suits the lappy somemore.

Actually there's a smaller one, smaller in size that will fit the lappy better but it is in full white. So obviously, I'll choose the one that has a combination of orange and white over the full white one! :D

Using my Asus lappy....


Vic & Brandy playing with the webcam!

Okay, back to my desk!!!

Some bo liao things I stick onto it!

Charging my phone...

One bad thing about having a nice desk is that...

It'll even attracts unwanted pests!

Now to the drawers:

First drawer!

Sweets, stationaries, coins etc.

Second drawer!

My orange ring file and all my sketches.

Last drawer!

Blank A3 papers, junk food plus all the boxes/packaging of my newly bought mouse and watch.

Talking about my watch, I shall show you guys too!!

My new Casio watch!!!

Please don't say it looks cheapo, like those which can be found selling at Bugis Village or pushcarts for like $5 okay?!! I don't think it looks cheapo leh, don't know what Angie and ZJ is thinking....!

Watching Hong Ming playing Dota!

Vicks's desk.

Victor's desk!

I also went to do up a Duty Roster for ourselves, purely for fun cause up till now nobody actually bothered follow it, including myself! =x


Some of you people who happen to do my survey the other time round will know why I went to buy and bring this portable shopping cart to school!

Me playing with it....

If you all don't know (which I think you all really don't cause I didn't even mention it just now or before at all), Vicks and Brandy are sitting beside me!

One on the left and the other on the right.

So it's like I was doing my work one day and when I turn to the right side (which is Brandy's desk) I saw something popping out from nowhere.

Wtf is that!! -.-

I then went to ask him, I then realise that he brought a potted plant to school and he says that some parts of it already dries up, so he pluck it away and stick it on the top, in between our desk.

He is crazy as ever lah.

His indoor plant.

p/s: Time to sleep, time to sleep! Hopefully I can wake up later as I'm meeting Fingers at 9am lor! Super early! Nights! :)


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