Busy with: Sleeping.

March 23, 2009

Bah! I guess no one wants to read my blog anymore.

I'm totally impressed by myself that I can actually sleep for more than 16 hours a day for this whole week and basically I did nothing but, sleep sleep sleep and sleep.

It's crazy and I don't know why I'm that tired also!

But it feels really good to sleep that much cause I really feel energized after that. But you know, many things could have happen or I might have done during that 16 hours of sleep.

When Straits Times called me up for an interview the other time, I was sleeping halfway through and I couldn't really remember what I told them cause I'm still half awake, and immediately after the phone hangs up, I fall back dead to sleep again.

Very ridiculous.

Anyway, I just woke up from my 13 hours of sleep! :)

Very shiok!

Fingers' karaoke session!

Just like any other day, we met up to slack and with the sudden urge of me wanting to sing (cause it's been a year since I went to karaoke man!), they then all agreed and we sang for like 8 hours there! Weeeeeeee!

ZJ sang quite alot that day, like finally!

Kx's singing!

Her ugly shoes! Muhahaha!

Some singers that I totally hate:


I never ever had his song before in my iPod.

Not even in my lappy or whatever.

I just don't like him lah! His song, and... basically his everything!

Omg! Green pea sucks!

Zj and Angie know that I hate green pea and they purposely gang up and ate all the other tidbits when I was singing and left all the green pea and another one (which I don't know the name and I don't really like either) for me.

Bah! I suddenly forgotten the name of it.

Camwhore, Camwhore, Camwhore:

Love my hair colour!!

Okay, this is stupid cause the picture I edited below was supposed to be uploaded to Facebook but I don't know why I went to watermark it and uploaded it up here, thus I just leave it here ah.

Our drinks for dinner!

Yay! Group picture!

IKEA with Poly mates!

Actually it's just Chin Hao and Ching How.
(Both of them are looking at the cupboard in the above picture! Ha!)

As Chin Hao wanted to revamp his room, he asked us along to accompany him to IKEA (reminded me of myself last year) to look and find some furniture for his up coming new room!

Chin Hao discussing with us about his concept!

Love my jeans!

There are more details at the side and the back of the jeans lor, but I didn't take picture of it. I actually wanted to sell it at my store one, but since it's only left with one last piece and I like it alot and so I just took it! Muahahahaha!

Wooo.. the crappy me!

Goshi's Birthday Celebration!

I had enough of my friends not sending me pictures!!! :(

As my quite afew of poly friends has slr and we'll always use their slr to take pictures since it's nicer whenever we have outing or gathering but it seems that it's very hard to receive pictures from all of them cause all of us are too busy and also the files are to large to actually send through.

Okay lah, not blaming them.

But anyway, all these pictures for 'Goshi's & Si Lie's Birthday Celebration' are taken directly from Facebook (but I got edit the colour alittle), thus maybe the quality might not be that good.

Goshi, the birthday boy!

Chin Hao, Goshi & Rakcent!

After a dinner together, we then went to WCP to slack around. I'm really glad that FYP totally brought the 2 different classes together and now we're all pretty close!

I think I've said that before eh! =x

Heard from Chin Hao that the upcoming gathering will be Fishing and also the overseas trip! Real excited about it! :D

Climbing up the 'Spider Web'....

I was holding onto Victor's SLR lor, I'm so worried that it'll drop or something when I was on the top of the Spider Web!!

And I took pictures of them below:

Tiny tiny winy!

Raymond posing for the cam!

Raymond & Goshi!

We then head over to play at the playground!!

And this swing swing thing is fucking fun lor! Where you got to sit on top and your friends will push you and then you'll move to the end of the bar at a really fast speed (cause all my friends are pushing throughout the whole thing)!

It's damn fucking fun and exciting, I tell you!

Fell down halfway on the 1st try!

But you must go with lots of your friends then it'll be fun lah, cause if there isn't many people pushing you throughout the whole thing, it wont be fast and so it won't be exciting also what!

HOHOHO! Always end off with a group picture!!

Si Lie's Birthday Celebration!

We celebrated his birthday at his house and once I reached his house, I'm fucking shocked that his house is freaking freaking huge!!!!!!

It's like a villa lor!!! I never bluff!!!!

You still must drive in to his house one okay, as he got a huge piece of land for his family business as they're doing pottery!!!

Lots and lots of it!


It kinda sucks now cause I don't really have pictures to prove or to show you guys cause my camera was with my mum that day when I was about to go to his place and just nice, mum was out for the day!!! Very wasted lor! Damn!!!

Oh oh! And guess what???!!

There were even Fireflies around his house and it's the first time of my life that I ever see Fireflies lor!!

Omg, I couldn't stop raving about it...

It's really like a villa lah!!!!!!!!!!!


Him looking happy with his presents!

We bought 2 presents for him!

And some places of his place are like totally vintage!!!!

You seeeeeee!!!

Very nice right?!

We then concluded that...

Girls will just flock onto him to be his gf as he possess all the good quaility that many girls like and guys will die for.

He has a good family background (rich!!), he's quite good looking, he's really good in his studies, he got a really muscular body and somemore he's in Archery, National team leh.

Who will don't want you tell me!!!!

Everyone is all so superficial nowadays anyway!

Yummy steamboat session:

Argh! Horrible candid shot!

Ah! This one toooooo!!!

Ranpical pictures of us hanging up the boxing bag...

Lastly, the group pictures we took!

Dinner with mummy!

Brought mum to Shokudo cause she had never dine there before and afew days after that, she told me that she'll never go there again cause she told me she found out a Jap restaurant with a similar concept to them, where the food there taste much better and the price is cheaper too!

Good lor, chi bang yin le lah!!!

My favourite, Rosti with sausage!!

We ordered too much that day!

Didn't take much pictures that day cause we're busy eating cause we've been having empty stomach since morning and mummy doesn't want to take picture with me! Always like that one lor!!

Alright, shall end off this whole entry with my picture!

So glad that I'm back to cam whoring!


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