I-don't-look-good, period.

March 10, 2009

Sorry for not blogging for so long, partly is due my lappy as it's totally in a screwed up state right now, and I can't even fucking edit any pictures cause it just lags me out ridiculously.

Sometimes it'll just shut down by itself (guess it's due to overheat) and opening a program can wait up till 1 minute, you know! :(

You tell me how can I stand my stupid 3 years old lappy!!

It's really ridiculous lor, and so I've decided to get a new lappy!!

I reckon I'm going to get it at the IT Fair which will be starting soon! Well, actually I hate going to IT Fair to get stuff cause it's crazy as there will be millions of people there and it's not really pleasant to shop properly lah. But since many of my friends are working there, then maybe I can pay them a visit too!

As my friends know I wanted to get a lappy, they then come and ask me to get it from them cause they can give me at a good price with more freebies and stuff!

Of course, they can get the commission too, which is like good lah, I rather let my friends earn the commission what...

But the whatever brand they're selling is not what I intend to buy.

Damnit lor.

Why can't they freaking work for Sony cause I wanna get a Vaio!!!!

Although I know Sony don't anyhow slashed their prices unlike other brands, at least they can give me more freebies what (like free mouse, or whatever lah.. I sound very cheapo now but who don't want free stuff man!) or if not can like let them earn the commission right?

Another thing I don't like about going to these fairs is because those peeps want to earn the commission so badly that they hard sell to the customers or even resort to snatch people's customers away, from what I heard from my friends.

As they were talking about it cause they work there all the time which I didn't work before but I can't tolerate they verbally force you to buy and bring down other brands when you say you need to look around first.

Like WTF, as a customer and consumer we got our rights to see all the various products by all the different brands before we make our decisions right?!

I think I got so pissed suddenly because I remembered once I went there to get something and went around looking at the various brands and when I come to this particular brand, they kept on bringing down other brands and tell me shit like;

'If you don't want to buy from us hor, then you don't need to go see other brands already cause all those are really lousy and nobody will buy it one'.

I know it's a tactic for the sales line, but I hate people to preach to me about how good is their stuff when I know it's just mediocre.

Or when I simply just hate that stuff, so what for peach?!

I mean they should let us go see also what, so that in order we can compare which is better and if yours is really better than the rest then of course, people will still come back to you and get it right!


Okay, I guess I got too carried away by the topic of my lappy though! Hahaha!

But still, I'm going to get a Vaio in like few days time!! Yay!!

And I'm still not sure when to go leh!

Should be going with mum and Ran though, cause Ran need to get a new HDD and maybe me too! Need to backup all my stuff on another HDD lor cause my current one like going cranky also. Damn, I think I'm becoming naggy already.

Time for some pictures!!

Which was being edit long time ago and uploaded long time ago!! I hate the colour adjustment I did that time lor!

So ugly.

I better clear all those pictures with that kind of edit in this entry.

Alright, here's my CNY & Vday updates!!

Chinese New Year!

Please tell me CNY is getting more and more boring.

I think sooner or later I won't be even bothered to talk about CNY anymore cause it's seriously mundane! I didn't even have to mood to dress up this year, so I just anyhow grab one hoodie and a berms for it! :)

I don't see why people need to force themselves to buy new clothes for CNY when they can't even find any that they like but just force themselves to get it because they just want to wear something new for CNY, stupid right.

Waste money only.

I doubt they will wear it after that cause they don't even like it in the first place. Okayokay, carry on with the pictures...

Family Photo!

As usual, we went to take numerous photos with our cousins, Hex, and so here are some of the pictures we took...

Love my yellow belt!

Walking candid shot!

Okay, this is really candid!

At the staircase!


Amenda,Domanic, Me, Cassandra, Priscilla & Ran!

Of course, all these pictures were taken by my another little cousin and I guess he's really bored while waiting for us to gather the pictures and stuff!

And I caught him feeling bored on my cam!!

"When is it going to end??" -proceed with a long sigh-

I love this picture!!!

We already run out of ideas of what poses to take and thus we came out with an idea of an accident shot, which turns out quite not bad isn't it!

Though it's not very natural and real lah!

But still I like!!

Going up the overhead bridge!

So much for the photo taking session outside!

Oh! How can I not take a picture with the one holding my cam snapping for me! Have to thanks him lor, cause my cousins are apparently too busy to send us pictures, so if he didn't help me I doubt I'll have all this pictures to blog!!

Me & Lester!

Munching on Love Letters:

Which I don't really like it though!

Mummy took pictures of herself using my cam again, and I shall just put it up here since I've already edited and upload already!


And adding on to our large number of cousins, is this cute little baby boy called Dylan, whom my Aunt just given birth to!

See! He's sleeping in my arms!

Talking about Dylan right, I've a series of pictures of him as he came to my place during CNY period too and we took lots of pictures of him when he's on my bed!

He's damn freaking cute man, seriously!!

My younger cousin putting him on my bed.

Him looking shocked!

Omg! Damn cute lah!

Posing for camera!!

He got really nice eyes!

Him yawning!!! Damn cute!!

He's really adorable right!!!

Damn cute lah! Anyway, to fast forward alittle, the end of CNY is where we 'lao yu shen' at our grandparent's place!!!

Yummy! Got my favourite abalone inside! :D

And then we started to lao!!!

Saying all those auspicious words!

Yah, I'm with hairband and I feel totally shiok!

And that few weeks, I think I'm having the "I-don't-look-good, period". Where no matter whatever shit that you do to yourself, you'll still not look good and it's crap man! I think it does happen to everyone before right.

Which then makes me look really crappy during vday itself...

Valentine's Day

Vday celebration was really simple and nice! :)

Ate simple food, went to simple places and still it's fun! I don't think guys should only pamper or treat their girls better or very well only on occasions like vday or their birthday yet we should treat them the same everyday!

But wait, I still do think roses are over rated!

Can someone tell me why girls go crazy and happy over roses when I think it's like so impractical and stuff? Isn't diamond rings or something which is more practical better than that??


Crazy us!

Just something ranpical.

Oh yah! We got for ourselves Polaroids that day too!

Her's in Chocolate colour!

Mine in White colour!

Okay, I know the picture of me above is really lousy in the quality... Get over it.

And here more pictures of us:

On the comfy grasses!!

Our lovely Polaroids:

Our pictures!

Okay people, I'm going to drink some milk and pack the clothes which will be mailed out later and after that have a good sleep!

Wah shiok! Can't wait to get a new lappy! Muahaha!

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