Not a stupid entry.

March 02, 2009

I just came up with some riddles myself, out of the sudden.

Q: What bird instead of drinking water, vomit it out?

A: Ku Ku Bird!
(Yah, dick lah. Or penis if you want it to be.)

Muhahahaha! Not funny? Create a funnier one then!

Actually, I got one more!!

Q: Who is Curry's bff?

A: Pork!
(Because Curry Pok *Pok sounds like Pork!*)

And for some who don't know, Curry pok = Curry puff.


Anyway, I know my sleeping time is quite crazy now!

I guess I'm totally a nocturnal now already!

I even made new friends and they're Tapeti, Nine-banded Armadillo, Owl, Hedgehogs, Arctictis Binturong, Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth, Bats, Great Grey Slug, Pangolin, Margay, Eastern Woolly Lemur, Perdido Key Beach Mouse and many more.

And my best friend of all is the Great Grey Slug!!

She's quite cute and at times pretty (note that I didn't use the word ugly) because of her leopard clothing she wore.

The pretty Great Grey Slug!

Please say she look chio please, if not she'll cry and whine to me that you all say she's fugly.

As I had enough of her whine already!

Cause she had already been discriminate by lots of my other friends (including Bats, where I think he don't look any better) all because of the way she look and the food she feed on.

Yah, she feed on fungi and rotten plants.

Aiya, just say she's pretty okay. So you can go like:

Omg! You're so chio Miss Great Grey Slug!!!

Damn!! You're pretty, Great Grey Slug!!!

Oh! And if you think her name is too long and lazy to type, you can also call her GGS in short. I doubt she'll mind if you say her chio.

Ahh! It's 7:30am already, I better go sleep now.

Now, after reading this you only got 3 choices to make.

1: To create a funnier riddle if you think mine is stupid.

2: To say Great Grey Slug is chio!

3: To close away my window and scold fuck, (cause you find reading this entry makes you stupid) then come back later/tomorrow for my cny & vday updates.

Good night peopleeee! :)


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