Blonde to Orange.

May 12, 2009

Finally pictures of my orange hair will be up at the end of the entry, and I ought to blog in time cause currently, I've again....


Muhahaha! I know it's abit crazyyy of me. As I only coloured my hair orange less than a month and I'm already changing it, but nevertheless... my current colour now, is quite hot too! :)

More about that next time yah?

Time to update about last month happenings!

Went to have a hair cut during early april cause I thought it was too thick and wanted to trim alittle before getting my hair dye.

I've always been questioned by people about my hair since my secondary school days, like: 'Which salon did you go for your hair cut?', 'What did you tell the stylist on how to cut your hair?' and 'How do you style your hair?'.

And my reply is always the same.

I didn't really have a fixed or a particular salon that I actually go for my hair cut cause I strongly think that in the end, the outcome of your hair whether it's nice or not depends on you on how you actually style it.

And I also don't really go to high end salon for my hair cut, I usually change salon one after another.

So like this time round, I went to a neighborhood salon near chin hao's place for my hair cut.

Located around the neighborhood!

Doesn't mean going to a high end salon for your hair cut will then have nicer hair cut than those you'll get in the neighborhood lor.

Though, obviously there's a difference in service and stuff like that lah. But most importantly, have to depends on the stylist too.

Neighborhood salon might also have good hair stylist too!

Afterall, it all depends on you, whether do you know what you want them to cut (like what style?) and not just blindly sit there quietly throughout the hair cut not saying anything.

Then you'll prolly end up with a hair style you don't like.

You need to communicate what you want to the stylist, and in doubt you can ask them for opinion and then you'll end up with something nice.

Okay, I'm not giving a lecture on hair cut though...

Just wanna share abit with you people.

Can you see my black roots?

Yummy hair!!!

Random pictures with the salon!!

Picture of myself after the hair cut:

In the gents at West Mall,
while waiting for chin hao to finish his business!


Met up with ting, angie and kx for dinner!!

We then ended up wanting to play with the capsule machine(?), or I don't know what is it called actually and we spend like fucking long time there waiting for the 3 of them to decide which machine do they want to use.

Them deciding... Zzzz...

I then saw one of the capsule machine has this "Thomas the train watch" and I think the white one was not bad and which I think was the nicest among them all!

Although I don't mind other colours too, but I want the white one cause the graphics printed on it is orange in colour!! Yum!

And the ridiculously, lucky me.....

Got the white one on the first attempt!

Here's what the 3 of them gotten:
(And just nice, all 3 of them got the same colour, which is the ugliest)

Got mirror inside somemore!

Random camwhore after that:

Me in high angle with contact lens!

Aiya, I suddenly feel this kind of camwhore pictures is horrible!

I know some people hates it. Me too, now.

Cause I think it's got to do with the brightness and the expression, oh well. But guess I'm still not as bad as some other people who take all pictures this way and with all pictures brightness adjust up to the maxxxxxxxxxx! :)

How worse can that be, very.

No, wait! I mean extremelyyy. Yucks!!


Ting & angie helping me to paint my wall polka dots!!


Brandy's 21st!

He's a fucker cause he held his party at Macdonalds for his 21st!

Not I want to held it there for my 21st, but I actually wanted to held it there for my 20th birthday this year! But by the time when I wanted it, it was too last minute and they couldn't make it in time for me so I've to give it a go.

All of us sitting on the small chair.

Lin, Me & Brandy.

The sticker he made for the guests.


Another candid shot!

After we had our happy meals, we then proceed to games!

Where we have to tie a balloon on out legs and go around bursting off other people's balloon until the last person who is left with the balloon is the winner!

The whole room is a mess!

Brandy flyinggggggg leg!

Group shot after the game!

And finally, it's singing of birthday song!!

Wah! Very happy hor!!

The letter B cake!!

Cutting of cakeee.

Shared it with lin cause I don't really like to eat cake!

Saw chicken little??!

The presents we got for him:

Ds lite, which he's very happy about it!

Before we head home:

Last picture of the 3 of us!






Pictures of myself, when I got home:


A polka dots glove we have in our kitchen!


Going for hair dye!

On the cab with ran to dye our hair!

Me giving the 'just wake up look' cause we're running late for our appointment and we couldn't delay as we have to go to the screening of Taken after that.

And here's the result after our hair dye:

My orange hair!!!

Ran's red hair!!!!

Muhahaha! Our colourful hair!!! :D


My wet orange hair after a bath!!!


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