I miss everyone.

May 08, 2009

I'm sorry for abandoning this for long.

Just that so many things caught up all of the sudden.

So after I'm back from my Malaysia trip, I was told that my great grandmother passed away thus was all along at her funeral for days. Immediately, the day after the funeral ends, I've got ftt test. Then the next day, I've got to help my friend as they want to photoshoot me for a brand clothing for them.

Well, and later I still have to head back to school to collect my graduation attire (as my graduation ceremony is next week).

I'm really tired...

But I promise I'll be blogging like, proper long entries soon!

Love you all!

p/s: Live life. Life can be so fragile....

p/p/s: I just watched 'The House Bunny' as I missed it the other time when I wanted to catch it (think it's like last year), so ran and mum rented the dvd of it and I thought it was pretty nice! The show reminded me of 'Confession Of Shopaholic' though, thought it was somehow similar. Also, I caught 'Horsemen' yesterday after the shoot and I thought it was pretty mundane...

Wonder why my friend likes the show...


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