Cheena sore throat medicine.

July 26, 2009




p/s: Mummy will always brew this for me to drink whenever I've got like bad sore throat and it's really effective! Though it taste pretty bad! =/

p/p/s: I know you people can't stand my short entries anymore, but rest assured that great long entries will be up soon, that includes; my room revamp, my cute wasabi, pictures and video of me shaving my hair!

p/p/p/s: And of course, I've got reasons why recently I only can do up entries that are so short right! At least I did try to post up something for you people to read, so can appreciate abit anot! To those who don't understand, fuck you! Stop complaining that my blog is getting more and more boring, and go do something more constructive instead can?!

p/p/p/p/s: Comments disallowed!!


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