The fifth day.

May 11, 2011

Okay, time pass pretty quick and it's been the fifth day since my wisdom tooth surgery!

I know I cannot stop ranting about how swollen my face is (up till now), and why the hell is my lower lips and teeth are still all numb at this point of time! But I kinda like the life I lead these few days, where I basically do nothing at all! Hahahaha! Seriously damn shiok! *jumps around*

And it's somehow a good news you know, to those who always come back daily to check whether is there any update or not, cause I'm kinda updating everyday now since I'm so damn free!

Though it might not be long ass post but, HELLO! I'm updating eh!

At least better than nothing! Wah! Like that right, I think I really can blog finish all the pictures that I have on hand very soon leh! THUS I NEED TO GET WELL NOW! Wtf!


Went to have Thai food with Angie like months back!


Tom yum soup! Omg! I SO FEEL LIKE DRINKING IT NOW!!!!


Angie! And we kinda quarreled that day!






And I love this picture!

Okay, that's all! I just feel like blogging leh, so just blog!

Hahaha! I know, but I'm sure most of you guys are already used to the abrupt ending already yea?! And tomorrow I'm going to remove my stitches too, hope everything's good! :)


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