Random blabbering

May 13, 2011

So yesterday, I couldn't really fall asleep and was chatting with mummy over at the living room and we ended up sleeping over at the sofa till morning! Mummy is like damn hilarious and keep on making me laugh over all the comments she made on the things I said!

I was telling her that I wanted to change to a new camera (a better one, like maybe a DSLR) so it's easier to take pictures of myself whenever I need to! Cause I'm intending to buy tripod, remote etc!

Then she was like telling me, "Are you sure you're going to blog for long anot? You think later your readers still wanna read ah! Later all of them get married with kids already will be busy changing their diapers and feeding them milk, you think they still will read your blog meah?"

I was like wtf! She's really very anyhow! -.-

Then I also talk about getting a label bag for myself and I don't understand why would people wanna buy and carry fake branded goods? I mean, inspired-kind is still okay but not like imitation of the label or brand? I think it's super paiseh if people who knows how to see, able to recongize that it's fake lor! I mean why would you buy a fake one? I rather you not to buy at all! It's so weird! Don't understand why people wanna buy leh! It's either you buy the real deal or don't buy at all!

Anyway, to my wisdom tooth issue!

I went to remove the stitches on Thursday but it failed! The doctor kept on saying sorry to me when removing cause it's fucking painful and he like keep cutting my flesh! So obviously I gave a very painful facial expression and he suddenly stopped and say that just let it drop off by itself! -.-

Waste my time to go there! But at least I did told him about my numbness over at my lower lips and teeth! He gave me some meds to strengthen my nerves and hopefully it will get better if not I'll be living with numbness for my lower teeth and lips forever! *touch wood*

And it's been 8 days since I've ever head out due to the surgery leh!

Omg! I'm such a geeky boy! Hahaha!


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