23rd Birthday Celebration with the rest

March 11, 2012

I think I'm seriously mad, cause I couldn't get into sleep for the whole night yesterday and only managed to fall asleep at 10am just now in the morning! I keep asking myself whether am I going to die or what (just a random drama thought hahaha) cause at that point of time I'm still very energetic lol!

And I'm kinda very grumpy now cause I only managed to sleep for 4 hours, all thanks to my lil bro! He suddenly came into my room and talk to me PLUS sing to me somemore, how can I sleep like that? Omg!

Anyway, just to continue my previous post on my 23rd birthday....

esther typicalben

Esther & Isaac bringing me for Korean BBQ as my birthday treat!

isaac typicalben

Isaac, while I diligently bbq the food hahah!

esther isaac typicalben

Pictures all grabbed from Esther but I edited the colour though!

bag typicalben

Bag for that day!

in the lift esther isaac typicalben

JJ and Huiling gave me a surprise when I went to school after the weekends (as my birthday is on the Saturday), and they surprise me with a present that I once told JJ before that I like when I was shopping with her, and it was just a causal remark so I didn't expect that she will remember!

typicalben reading birthday card

They also wrote something sweet and touching for me!

typicalben reading birthday card 2

Reading it outside the lecture hall when we are all late for lesson already!

typicalben birthday card

The super cute card!

typicalben with huiling and jingjing

Took a picture together before going in for lesson lol!

typicalben amelia birthday dinner

Amelia then met me after our lesson to have a belated birthday dinner,
and she gotten me a button shirt as present too! So sweet one!

marc jacobs ring typicalben

The rest of the uni mates (including JJ & huiling) bought for me this Marc Jacobs ring too!

typicalben 23rd birthday cake from mummy

Mummy bought for me a cake and gave me a red packet!

D&G the one

Jose aunt gotten me a D&G cologne as she know I'm using D&G currently (and previously),
though I'm not using this but she thought it's good to try this one out as she think it smells great!!

typicalben 23rd birthday cake from aunt

My da yi (aunt) even cuter, as she ask someone to deliver this small cake to my house for me!

Okay, gonna end this entry right here! Will blog again later yea! :)


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