My 23rd birthday celebration with Fingers

March 10, 2012

(I'm feeling pretty restless and tired from everything recently..... I don't know why too, feel so drained out! So anyway, I ain't gonna type much for this entry, just enjoy the pictures yea!)

Just simple, a very simple 23rd birthday I had this year.

fingers celebrating typicalben 23rd

Thanks bffs for celebrating my birthday without fail, every year for 10 years.

food for thought 2

Love! Topped with maltesers!

food for thought 1

typicalben 23rd

Had quite a bad hair day that day though.

typicalben 23rd making wishes

birthday candle food for thought

typicalbe ting food for thought

We couldn't finished it....

typicalben food for thought

Close up camwhore of myselffffffff!

standing sushi bar 5

Went to have Japanese food too!

standing sushi bar 1

fingers standing sushi bar

Group picture again!

standing sushi bar 3

standing sushi bar 4

standing sushi bar 2

angie typicalben

With Angie!

sing k at chervons

We went to sing after that!


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