With or without invisalign?

March 04, 2012

typicalben invisalign journey 3

Hello peopleeeee! Just came back from Omni Dental Centre today and
I'm here again to continue sharing my invisalign journey with y'all!

And I think the picture above will be the only picture in this entry that doesn't show my teeth at all hahaha! Yea, cause today I wanna show you guys the how 'invisible' can invisalign be!

Oh anyway, as you're reading this..... I'm already on the 10th set of invisalign aligner!! :D

Which means I'm kinda halfway there to complete the treatment! So excited and I'll show you guys on the next post how much has my teeth moved so far okay? Personally, it obviously can become straighter and even my friends can see the difference lor! Well, I'll leave it to the next entry k! For now....

Let's just see if you know am I wearing the invisalign on or not, in the 2 pictures below!

typicalben with invisalign aligner

Am I wearing my invisalign or without?

typicalben invisalign aligners journey

What about this? Am I wearing my invisalign or without?




First picture; With invisalign / Second picture; Without invisalign

As you can see above, how invisalign treatment is so 'invisible' which makes it tough for people to even notice that you're wearing them! And I think I never really post up pictures which specifically say that I'm with invisalign on (which now I just did), so as to show to you guys the difference when I'm with it and without! Which obviously in this case, there isn't much difference at all! You can barely notice it!

And all my pictures recently (after I did this treatment) about 98% are all with the invisalign aligners on, and there isn't any difference and nobody even notice it or something!

So that's the difference between invisalign and the traditional braces! #justsaying

But of course if you take a closer look, you will know I'm wearing it.....

typicalben with invisalign

Omg can you people see how much my front teeth has straighten not!! *tears*

ERHERMMMM... Tissue paper please!!! Hahahaha!!!

typicalben with invisalign aligners

Full frontal view of me with my no. 10th set of aligners!!!

Yes, and before I end it of with a freaking huge picture of myself...

If you guys have any questions regarding invisalign treatment or if you guys are keen on doing it, you all can give Omni Dental Centre a call at 6737 7375 or you can visit here for more information!

typicalben invisalign

And yea, that's really huge lol! ;)


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  1. lhueying4:24 pm

    how much did you spent on your invisalign?