Most embarrassing situation?

March 03, 2012

Was browsing my Formspring last night, which I didn't login for 2 years already, where the last time I answered questions was 2 years ago cause I never thought of answering so many questions so I stopped at 300. So yes, to continue the story, I was browsing and reading through all the questions and I think the funniest one (to me) and the one which I didn't remember me answering was this....

laosai typicalben formspring

LOLOL WTF HAHAHA! SERIOUSLY, I literally laughed at my answer when I read it!!!

Cause firstly, I really don't remember me answering this so it came as a 'surprise' and also I thought to myself again, YES IT IS REALLY MY FUCKING MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT TILL DATE!

Not sure if you guys wanna hear the full story, but it isn't that long so I think I'm just gonna say it...





So it happened way back in 2007, when I was working part time at Sembawang CC during my holidays back in my poly days. And at one of the day, I woke up late and thus I rushed out of the house to work! Because I'm running late already, I thought of walking to the interchange as would be faster, and so I did (which was a wise choice now when I think about it) and fyi I was wearing a white pants that day!

While I was walking in a fast pace on the way to the interchange, I suddenly feel very upset in my tummy and my stomach is in pain! Like it's grinding inside wtf. But I still didn't care about much, and continue to walk as fast as I could cause I didn't want to be late for work.

So I carry on walking until one point of time, I cannot tolerate the pain anymore cause I got a feeling that the shit is seriously gonna burst out (HAHAHA!!) and I know it's confirm diarrhea kind one! So I stopped walking, but I was in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, halfway to the interchange and halfway from home!

And the place where I stopped was under some random HDB block! So you should know how hard is it for me to decide whether should I go back home or go to the interchange right? But actually.......


The diarrhea was so bad it was ALOT, REALLY ALOT lol wtf. AND ON TOP OF IT..... I was wearing a white pants! You tell me how bad can this be! So at that moment I totally feel like crying!!!

Like wtf actually happened!! Freaking lao sai on my pants in the middle of the street!

But then it was my mum and dad who came to save me from this drama! As just nice my dad was going to work so he came and fetch me with his cab together with mum! Lol! But I totally cannot sit on the cab also, so it's like I'm like lifting my butt up! HAHAHA! It's really funny to think of it now, but at that moment I was in a really nasty mood and was was throwing temper at both my mum and dad! So guilty!

And I called my work place after, and told them I was not feeling well cause I had diarrhea!

Okay, that's the end to the my lao sai story! Hahahahaha!!!!

Anyway, since we are on this story and this particular question I answered via Formspring, I'm going to open it up and to answer questions again! After a hiatus of 2 years from there!

So you guys can ask me questions over there now as I'll try to answer them! But fun and intelligent questions please! Don't ask me boring ones ah, or those that I've answered before already!

Plus I've alot of questions still pending (which was asked throughout the 2 years) but I'll not answer all of them though, maybe just those more interesting ones! Kkthxbye!

Oh! And I'll answer when I'm free cause I got 2 test coming up on Monday and Tuesday! Best luck to me!


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  1. My most embarrassing situation also involves shit... and a handkerchief wtf.
    I was sitting on the toilet, doing my thing, and I noticed there wasn't any toilet paper left.
    I was really panicking and all that jazz, until I remembered that there was a cotton handkerchief in my pocket.
    I was like: Meh, I don't care about it being really weird, I'm going to whipe my ass with this thing!
    So.. after whiping my ass, I was thinking to myself: God, what to do next with this nasty handkerchief?
    I can't put it in my pocket (who'd actually do this wtf xd) and I can't throw it in the bin (what would the cleaning lady think of me wtf). So I threw it into the toilet and flushed it. And this is just the beginning... The toilet couldn't take my dump AND the handkerchief... and... like... the toilet was totally running over! ='D
    So I was totally freaking out and because I didn't want to get help (how embarrassing would thàt be) I just ran out of the toilet and acted all innocent (my shoes were all wet, so I left traces... but no-one has ever asked me something about it; so I'm an innocent one). 

    There were no witnesses (thanks god) but I'm still feeling guilty from that day onwards. xd
    It's a fun story to tell on parties though (':

  2. typicalben5:10 am


  3. Anonymous5:01 pm

    so what happen to the white pants? threw away? LOL