Christmas Celebration 2012 with Fingers!

February 13, 2013

typicalben fingers christmas celebration

Fingers came over to my place for our annual Christmas celebration!
Yes, if you realise there's short of one person! Ting couldn't join us as she's overseas! :(

chirstmas feast food

We prepared all the food together, with my mum as well!

chirstmas feast food close up

It's pretty much a simple one, as most of them are frozen food also lolol!

Macaron chirstmas tree cake

Has macaron Chirstmas tree cake instead of log cake!

Macaron chirstmas tree cake close up

But it doesn't really taste good! Too many food colouring I think! :/

fingers group picture during christmas day

Group picture!

taboo singapore edition

We then spent the whole night watching shows, chit chatting, taking pictures and playing Taboo! I think playing Taboo is one of the highlights cause we screamed and laughed our lungs out! It was so fun!

It's awesome that we made a pact to celebration Christmas together every year no matter what! :D


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  1. youknowyouloveme8:50 pm

    When you never put on enlarging contact lenses, you will always smile widely and make your eyes go squinty. Indeed, you look good in that too. However, looking back to the good old years when you still haven't wore con, don't you looked great also? Seriously Ben, be confident, you have megawatt smile leh!! No con also can kill people one hahahha XOXO