Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 5

February 23, 2013

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typicalben sleeping on bed at regent taipei

Last morning over at Regent Taipei, cause we are checking out today!
Just from the picture, don't you also feel very comfy and wanna laze on the bed all day!

regent taipei morning breakfast

Breakfast again! :D

regent taipei breakfast

This time round I tried different selection of food! Love scramble egg and kimchi lol!

typicalben morning camwhore in regent taipei room

All done and packed up!! Preparing to check out now!!

typicalben camwhore lift

Random snapshot of myself in the lift! Hello to the aunty in the lift too hahaha!

typicalben randy at regent taipei lobby

Me and Ran over at their lobby, as we said it will be our last picture there for the trip lol!
Goodbye Regent Taipei, thank you for having us!!! The stay with them was awesome!!!! :'D

view outside regent taipei

The area just outside the hotel (which I think is a mini park)!

randy with duck

Ran looking cute with the duck sculpture outside the hotel!

typicalben with pretty trees

Me me me!!!!

taipei buildings

While walking to the metro station....

N.Y. Bagels Cafe

We then head to N.Y. Bagels Cafe for lunch first, before we check-in to the other place that we will be staying for the rest of our trip! Been wanting to try N.Y. Bagels Cafe out cause it looks pretty good!

randy at  N.Y. Bagels Cafe

Ran with the menu choosing what he wants!

typicalben  N.Y. Bagels Cafe taipei

Me demanding a picture with the logo at the back cause it looks so much nicer with it lol!

N.Y. Bagels Cafe 2

I also want the sit by the tree leh!!

N.Y. Bagels Cafe brunch

Okay, so I ordered some brunch set which is salmon poached eggs?
Or it's eggs benedict with salmon! Aiya, I couldn't remember! :/

N.Y. Bagels Cafe food

Ran's! Their bagel is good!

typicalben at  N.Y. Bagels Cafe

Done!!! And we are full and satisfied! :D

chicken chicks at taipei

We then went back to Regent Taipei to get our luggage, and while on the way back right, we saw all these cute little little chicks over at one of their parks there! So cute right!

typicalben playground taipei

And then we started to take pictures non-stop with all the pretty decorations there!!

typicalben snail taipei

I'm the 3rd snail contestant! Hahaha!
And I think I over adjust the contrast for this picture oops!

robot taipei

Some robot thingy where people can plug in their phones/mp3 and play music from it! So cool wtf.

typicalben rabbit taipei

Me with cute little rabbits!

typicalben cute playground taipei

Okay, last one! I don't even know what it is, but Ran just ask me to take picture with it, so okay!

3d wall art taipei

A random 3D wall art we came across at the park as well!

cute taipei hotel room

We then check-in to our room where we will be staying for the rest of our trip!

xi men ding taipei

After that, we went to Ximending (西門町)!!!!

But I feel that Ximending right got nothing much to shop one leh! Everything there like quite overpriced, so we ended up didn't shop much at all! I think Ran never even bought anything hahahaha!

randy at taipei cd shop

Came across a CD shop, and Ran is looking at his favourite SNSD album!!

typicalben randy taipei bubble tea

Tired looking us with our bubble tea!! And I drank hot bubble tea again!!

taipei glitter floor

Sparkly glitter floor!

阿毛 Risotto cafe taipei

We then settle our dinner over at 阿毛 Risotto cafe!
It's main attraction is that, the dog will be at the cafe with you while you're eating!

阿毛 Risotto cafe dog sleeping

But when we went in right, the dog was sleeping! But he still look so cuteeee!!

typicalben randy at 阿毛 Risotto cafe

Me and Ran with their colourful walls!!

typicalben at 阿毛 Risotto cafe

Me again! Hahaha!

阿毛 Risotto cafe food

Mine! Surprisingly, it taste pretty good!

dog 阿毛 Risotto cafe

While we were eating halfway, the dog suddenly woke up!!

阿毛 Risotto cafe dog looks sad

He's looking quite sad right! I think he wants to go out cause the cafe area is pretty small!!

阿毛 Risotto cafe dog

Just keep non-stop snapping cause it's so cuteeee omg!!

randy at 阿毛 Risotto cafe

Ran with his rice!!


Omg looking at this now, makes me really hungry! :O

randy with 阿毛 Risotto cafe dog

Time to take picture with the dog, but it went back to sleep lol!

typicalben with 阿毛 Risotto cafe dog

Okay lah, at least mine he got lift up his head abit hahaha!

me taking picture of the dog 阿毛 Risotto cafe

Ran took a candid picture of me, snapping picture the dog lol!! Sound like tongue twister!

阿毛 Risotto cafe dog cute


diamond pluggy

Bought this diamond pluggy thing for my iPhone! Cute right! :D

taiwan taipei ktv

We then went to sing KTV over at Party World which is just next to Ximending!
The room is so huge and they even have a private toilet in the room lor! So awesome please!!!

typicalben ktv toilet

Love my hair in this picture although I looked really tired after a long day!

typicalben randy ktv taipei

We sang from 11am to 5am, for 6 hours and it's just 900 TWD (SGD $40)!!

typicalben singing ktv taipei

We really had fun and sang till morning, then we cabbed back to our place to sleep! I think it's really worth the price leh, but they don't have any Kpop songs there at all! So we were abit disappointed lol!


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    Hi, which hotel you staying for 5th day? mind to tell? ^^