April 12, 2013

You know those kpop group or those idol group always will have sub-unit or sub-group right.....

Fingers we also have lololol!!!! And NI.LA.TI is actually our 'group name' formed by Angie, Zj and me which in full is NINI, LALA, TITI! Hahahaha!!! IKR ridiculous!! Omg please don't judge us, I think we came out with that name back in our poly times! And that's the whatsapp group chat name (NI.LA.TI) that we are using now for the 3 of us, I mean other than Fingers group chat which is for the 5 of us lah!! Hahaha!

Anyway, took some pictures while we meet up together to accompany Angie to study!

zj typicalben angie shot

Picture of us while in Starbucks!

typicalben angie zj

Another one! And I haven't been styling my hair lately too!


Our drinks!

I'll have to end it here cause I need to prepare to go for food tasting already! Will update pictures on Instagram later, so do follow me there (user: typicalben)! Okay, I'll blog again when I'm back! :D


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  1. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Your hair looks nice like dat. Effortless style siol! #envy :)