Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 6

April 10, 2013

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typicalben taiwan self shot day 6

Yay! I'm back to continue blogging on the Taiwan trip again! :D

For those who are waiting for me to continue my Taiwan trip posts, here you go!!!!

And since my exams is nearing (which is less 11 days wtf omg), I'll try my best to blog regularly still, but all the entries will be abit shorter! So don't complain hor, at least got update okay! *clap clap*

Eh wait! I thought you all should ask me to go study and don't blog also nevermind! Hahahaha! Aiya, but I don't know why I still don't have the mood to start studying yet eh! :( Usually I'll go MIA from the blogosphere during exam period, but this time round I'm still here blogging omg! Too relax already!

So anyway, on the 6th day over at Taipei, we went to WuFenPu (五分埔) and Raohe Night Market! We are very kuazhang lor, I think from this day onwards, we everyday sleep until 3pm then wake up! -_-

Hahahaha! So end up we only have enough time to go to one place (area) for a day only! Thinking back, I cannot imagine how pig we were! Sleep so much! But WuFenPu is worth a visit for both guys and girls because I actually bought alot of clothes there!! You also can find cheap guys apparels there too!!!

Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 at WuFenPu

Upon alighting at Songshan Railway Station, it's WuFenPu already! And there's this Lu Rou Fan resturant opposite WuFenPu, so we decided to go fill our stomach first since we were really hungry!!

You know it's better to fill your stomach before shopping at WuFenPu cause it's really huge and you will spend quite some time inside shopping! Beforehand, I actually also got saw online reviews saying this restaurant's Lu Rou Fan is nice so that's why we went to eat lah! You think what, anyhow meah?!! Haha!

Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯

Lu Rou Fan (魯肉飯) which only cost SGD$1.50!

toufu Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯

Bean curd!

chicken Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯

And pork ribs (SGD$2+) which is super yummy!
You see the picture can already feel how delicious it is liao right!

randy eating Lu Rou Fan 魯肉飯

Ran is super hungry!

typicalben eating Lu Rou Fan 魯肉飯


bill Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan 鬍鬚張魯肉飯

wufenpu taiwan

And the shopping starts!!!!!!!

wufenpu taipei

I recommend everyone to go there to shop because it's relatively cheaper than all the other places and night market (especially guys stuff and obviously ladies one also!!!) and they have alot of shops there!

Other than WuFenPu, as I mentioned before in my previous Taiwan post, I also recommend ShiDa Night Market! Because I never see any stuff that I bought from ShiDa Night Market there, so not that bad!

bubble tea hot wufenpu taiwan

Drank hot bubble tea again!

typicalben randy wufenpu taiwan

Picture with the local girls there! They are so friendly and nice!
I think we bought quite a number of stuff from their shop!

Raohe Night Market

Walked over to RaoHe Night Market after shopping from WuFenPu!

Raohe Night Market queuing

The queue for the pepper biscuit there is crazy!

Raohe Night Market stalls

Many many food stalls there!!!

Raohe Night Market crab stalls

Came across this stall and I wanted to try!! Butter crab!!

crab Raohe Night Market

I think it taste quite not bad leh, but Ran say it's very normal!
Maybe I like crab and the butter taste! But the crab also got no much meat one lah!

Raohe Night Market crab stall finished

And we are done eating!!!

19 dollars cheap shop Raohe Night Market

We also came across this shop which sells every for less than TWD$19, which is less than SGD$1!!

stickers Raohe Night Market

And guess what we bought? Loads of stickers lololol! Very cute one really!

typicalben shop at Raohe Night Market

While waiting to make payment!

ice cream waffle Raohe Night Market

Bought this icecream pancake, which I at first thought is some special icecream wrap or something! But end up is this! Me and Ran totally give the -_- face when the person gave us lor! Cheat our feelings!

cute stuff from taipei

Finally, the buys of the day! All the small small stuff!

buys from wufenpu

Then all the clothing and other stuff that I bought from WuFenPu + RaoHe Night Market!!

That's all for Day 6 and I'll blog again soon! For now I think I should try to go study! And why is the weather so humid and warm recently omg! Takecare and see you guys again tomorrow hahaha! :D


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