Haze situation in Singapore

June 21, 2013

For those who are reading but not living in Singapore, currently Singapore is suffering from a really bad haze because our neighboring country Indonesia, Sumatra is burning down their forests! :(

haze in singapore
View of the Central Business District of Singapore.
photo credit: straitstimes.com

It's pretty much affecting our lives now since the haze has worsen and getting more serious as day goes by! And the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) rises to 401 earlier in the noon which is considered as hazardous once the PSI value is above 300! My whole house is super hazy and I locked myself in my room now with aircon as I'm typing this to get away from the haze but even so, I still can smell the burning smell still.

haze singapore
View from Marina Bay, seen from the Marina Bay Residences.
photo credit: straitstimes.com

Another problem is that N95 mask is apparently out of stock everywhere in Singapore currently, I tried to call all pharmacy and shops near my place it's all still oos! Angie told me that her brother just went to Guardian to buy N95 mask but there are no stock at the moment and the sales person put him on the waiting list and the waiting list is 50 pages long wtf. 50 pages is really too kuazhang already.

n95 mask out of stock singapore
When mummy went to buy mask over at Guardian yesterday!
photo credit: mummy's Instagram

I'm trying to order the mask online because I'm not sure how long will this haze situation persist but on the other hand, I also don't know when the mask will be delivered to my place -_- Seems like they need 3-5 working days to deliver or some even longer! Quite reasonable since they don't ship out from Singapore and that didn't include processing time yet. But I hope physical shop will have stocks of the masks soon!

I think I'll go check out more details of the masks online later again and see which seller can deliver in a shortest time, because I need to get it for Ran and daddy since Ran still needs to go army and dad needs to go work. And I texted Ran earlier, he already fell sick due to the haze already omg.

Anyway, apart from all these there are some stuff that angers me, when I see or hear people saying or talking about all them. Either on the internet (social media platforms) or in real life, it just somehow sets my eyes rolling and kinda pissed me off alittle... Well, actually most of them online though since I rarely go out these few days due to the haze and because I'm sick (not because of the haze but acid reflux).

I seriously think some Singaporeans should note that:

1. This haze situation is not a joke anymore okay. Seriously, some people should stop thinking that it is funny or wishing that the PSI can go higher. You are a joke instead.

childish tweets about haze
Some tweets I screenshot from Twitter.

Do you know how harmful and health problems you can get with all these unhealthy smog??

And the reasons why some people want the PSI to go higher is because they want school/work to stop so they can don't go for it and stay at home. Are you all kidding me seriously??????!!!

In exchange for not going school, you want the haze to worsen and harm our health and it's not just you, but your love ones like your family and friends as well. Think of the elderly, kids or those with medical conditions, their body immune system may not be as strong as some of us. They might get sick easily due to the haze and if this situation persist I'm sure more health problems will surface.

So please wake up your idea abit. See which one more important to you, going school or getting ill.

Maybe at first when it started, still can joke abit but now it's getting so serious already I think everyone should think of a bigger picture than wanting the school to stop or etc.

2. People should stop jacking up the price of N95 masks and sell them to earn profit.

people selling jacked up price for mask

Picture that my friend send me!

I know that's how business works, but some individual or shops that jacked up the price so high that it is too ridiculous. I heard there are people selling 1 N95 mask for the price of SGD $12! That is seriously insane but I think some people will not have any choice but to buy them if they need it urgently.

I know they are trying to make use of the situation and earn some profit from it, which from business point of view, it is normal but selling them at such an inflated price at this current situation is pretty unethical. I'm not sure what you people might think but I guess most Singaporeans are selfish in a way, and our culture shapes us to be in this way. I mean I rather those who have extra not sell and keep it for their own use or either that, distribute them out to those who are really in need (like elderly or whatever).

I know some kind-hearted Singaporeans are doing it already, which I think it's really awesome because in situation like this Singaporeans should help one another. I don't know what will happen if war happens, can you imagine. I guess people will be killing each other or something like that. Sad but true I guess.

3. Stop blaming the government for everything.

Also, I think people should stop blaming the Singapore government for anything and everything. Like for example; blaming them for the haze, which in fact they really can't do anything much. And from the news, we can see and know that they are already trying their best to help by coming out with several measures and are already in the talks with Indonesia too. So stop blaming them bluntly for the haze situation!

It's not like the burning of forests is in Singapore, and if it is really in Singapore, I'm sure they must have already come up with solution and solved it already. But this is happening over at Indonesia, not our own country. Things might be alittle more complicated than what we expect it to be. Just stop the hate and try to blame the government for everything, I think we need to be logical abit and think in their shoes.

That's all for now from me! Will update this space if I've any more points to add on, couldn't think of anymore now! Maybe because I'm hungry, gonna go grab some food! And If you have the same thoughts as me, please share it around with your friends and whoever. Let's all also pray that the haze situation will get better soon and we all can go out to play in the nice sunny weather (but I think we will start complaining that it's too hot again ahaha but at least it's better than being hazy)! Please keep yourself healthy by drinking loads of water and try to wear a mask if you are going out okay!!! Takecare!! :D


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  1. totally agree omg
    the haze is getting out of handddd

  2. Anonymous5:33 pm

    good post :) totally agree!

  3. i can sell u a few if u really need and can't find. but gotta pick up from kovan. i managed to buy 2 boxes today from distributor. damn long queue. but can't sell u too many cos i have a big family.

  4. i can sell u a few if u really need and can't find. but gotta pick up from kovan. i managed to buy 2 boxes today from distributor. damn long queue. but can't sell u too many cos i have a big family.

  5. i can sell u a few if u really need and can't find. but gotta pick up from kovan. i managed to buy 2 boxes today from distributor. damn long queue. but can't sell u too many cos i have a big family.

  6. i can sell u a few if u really need and can't find. but gotta pick up from kovan. i managed to buy 2 boxes today from distributor. damn long queue. but can't sell u too many cos i have a big family.

  7. Why are they burning down their forests?D:

    I hope the situation gets better:/ that doesn't look like you could live there srsly...><

  8. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Wise words! :) Saw you over at JEM yesterday btw!

  9. In Malaysia also getting worse already!

  10. Wise Ben is wise! Take care of yourself too!

  11. hope the haze will go go go go away asap (in other word, 'asap' will go away), hope there will be a way for both government to rapidly solve this problem
    and also I hope there's no more burning the forest in Indonesia. sad that often happens :(
    nice words, Ben ^^ I agree with 'stop the hate'
    I'm from Indonesia, btw
    I hope no one will see me as the forest burner coz of this disaster

    take care ^^

  12. Anonymous7:57 pm

    wise post! take care ^^

  13. ya! it is quite stupid to those people that hoping PSI will increase just don't want go to school/ work~