Just being lazy recently!

June 29, 2013

I've been watching Suburgatory all day long! I'm already at season 2 (finishing in few episodes) and I love the show! It's so funny and bimbotic! I can't believe it's so underrated, it seems like no people around are watching it! I got no people to discuss the show with! Anyone of you here watches Suburgatory too??

And as soon as the haze is gone, my blog became really quiet! Because I've been going out or either that lazing on my bed watching shows! It's so awesome to be able to have clear skies and fresher air!

I promise to be back and update more before my school starts! I guess I'll be busy again by then!

For now, just some random pictures taken when I meet up with my current/ex uni mates! I don't think I look really good that day! Probably because I'm not used to the sudden change to my hair colour (just gotten hair cut and colour the other time)! Kinda like the darkest colour I did recently years except black!

typicalben with uni mates

Group picture!

typicalben with uni mates full shot

Me, Eug, Ger and Stan! Okay, I just totally shorten everyone's name lol!

typicalben stan ger eug

Another group picture of the 4 of us!

typicalben big white face with friends

That's all! I'll blog again later!


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  1. The guy with the braces is really cute!

  2. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Hi Ben, it'll be good if next time you can post the address of those places you went to eat, because all looks so yummy!