Taipei - Taiwan Trip Day 10-12

June 07, 2013

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Yay! One last entry to sum up and conclude the whole Taiwan trip that I went together with Ran November last year! You can also read all the previous days that I blogged by clicking the links above!

The last 3 days over at Taiwan is all about eating and trying out all the pretty cafes and also doing the final round of shopping before we fly back to Singapore! So expect loads of food pictures!!! Let's gooo!! :D

mei ren cafe taipei

Day 10! Went to this cafe inside the shopping mall for our late lunch! I'm sorry I couldn't figure out the name of the cafe (forgotten too), despite searching for it online as well hahaha!

mei ren cafe taipei menu

The menu!

mei ren cafe taipei typicalben

Me with my "just woke up still feeling tired look" lol.

randy mei ren cafe taiwan


mei ren cafe taipei inside

The cafe was donned in pretty deco and it was quite packed too.

mei ren cafe taipei soup

Started off with soup of the day!

mei ren cafe taipei food


mei ren cafe taipei food

Ran's sandwich!

mei ren cafe taipei drinks

And his fruity drink!

mei ren cafe taipei chicken

My chickennnnnnnn! Haha!

typicalben at mei ren cafe taipei

Yay all food came! It's time to eat! :D

mei ren cafe taipei heart shape

<3 <3

randy at mei ren cafe taipei

Ran drinking the super sweet drink that we always get when we ordered food in their restaurant! But neither of us liked it or drank finished any before hahaha! So he was just posing for pictures for this one!

tea mei ren cafe taipei

I was having hot tea!

Shinkong Mitsukoshi

Went over to Shinkong Mitsukoshi!

typicalben outside Shinkong Mitsukoshi

And while walking outside, our umbrella broke due to the strong wind! Hahaha!

porter taiwan taipei

Went to get my Porter bagpack which I'm currently using! Love it!

birkenstock taipei taiwan typicalben

We also went back to Raohe Night Market to buy Birkenstock!

kfc taiwan taipei

Ending the night with KFC for supper!

kfc taiwan taipei food

Tried out their wraps!

kfc taiwan taipei chicken fries

I wonder why KFC taste so so so much better overseas than the one in Singapore! It was so good!

Agnès B cafe typicalben randy

Day 11! Went to Agnès B cafe for some cakes and drinks!

typicalben Agnès B cafe

A shot of me in the cafe by Ran!

Agnès B cafe desserts


Agnès B cafe chocolate cakes


Agnès B cafe cakes

Another mini cake!

Agnès B cafe drinks

Our drinks!

Agnès B cafe camwhore typicalben

Selca before we start eating! Hahaha!

Agnès B cafe yogurt

We also tried our their yogurt before leaving too!

ARROW TREE desserts display

Then we went got attracted to the beautiful cakes display by Arrow Tree cafe!

ARROW TREE cakes display

Really pretty and seems delicious isn't it! So we decided to give it a try!


Their menu!

ARROW TREE strawberry cake

Our AMAOU tart! It very fresh and taste really good!!


Another cuppa tea to go with it! #overdosefromhavingtoomuchtea

shopping taipei bedsheets

And after walking around for abit.......

randy thai food at taipei

We went to eat again omg!! This time round over at some Thai restaurant!

thai food restaurant taiwan taipei

Foooooooood! Yums!

typicalben thai food at taipei

Candid shot!

that resturant drinks taipei

Our drinks!

randy at bookstore

Went to Eslite while Ran is browsing all the design magazine!

sesame street book taiwan

Cute sesame street magazine book!

fang da tong cd + dvd

Bought for mummy her favourite Khalil Fong CD + DVD!

taxi taipei

Last day and we are flying off! :(

Booked a cab to fetch us back to the airport and can I commend how awesome Taiwanese taxi driver are! They are super helpful and their service is really good! Throughout the whole trip all the drivers we met were really nice! And as it was raining on the day we were leaving, this taxi uncle told us to board the cab first while he get drenched in the rain helping us with our luggage! It was really nice of him!

on the way to airport

Bye Taiwan, we will go back there again soon!

taipei hello kitty airport

Reached the airport and we saw the Hello Kitty flight section!

typicalben hello kitty airport

Took a picture there before checking in lol!

taoyao airport food

Our last meal over at Taiwan before coming back to Singapore!
Can't wait to go back to Taiwan again! It's so awesome! Love the people and the place! :D


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  1. At your Insta there is a white thingy on your CDD inspired black top. But I see none on the pictures above.

  2. Alvin Lee12:19 am

    It's called 美人垫, Ben.

  3. hi can i know how much u spent for this taiwan trip ?? thanks for ur info :)