Jay Park x X-mini Launch Event

June 09, 2013

typicalben isaac jay park singapore

Hello!!!! So I attended the Jay Park x X-mini Capsule Speaker launch showcase the other day!! :D

Was really excited about it because I finally can get to see Jay Park in real life hahaha!!!! I'm pretty much sounding like a fan boy here but I really like his songs and the way he bring and portray himself, thus I was really happy when I know I can go see him and hear him sing live!!! Thank you X-mini for the invite and thanks to my blog manager Jayne for liaising! Anyway, with Isaac in the picture above as we are posing for photo before entering Zouk! Brought Isaac along to go with me because he also kinda likes him too!

The whole launch showcase was pretty short and he sang about 4 songs but it's still pretty awesome because it was an invited-only event so everyone can see him clearly and was pretty close to the stage! I shall leave flood you guys with his pictures and also a video that I took at the end of the entry!

jay park in singapore 10

Started by singing JOAH!

jay park in singapore 9

jay park in singapore 5

Took off his outer shirt and sang Nothin' On You!

jay park in singapore 7

Then followed by Girlfriend!

jay park in singapore 8

jay park in singapore 6

Short interview!

jay park in singapore

Then ending off the showcase with BODY2BODY!

jay park in singapore 3

jay park in singapore 4

Posted this picture on my Instagram on the day of the showcase itself too!

jay park in singapore 2

Love this shot!

typicalben jay parking singapore 2013

Selca after the event ended! :D

Below is the video that I took during the event!! Watch it if you want to see him lifting up his shirt and showing his abs hahaha!! Yes, he did lift up his shirt for me because I requested him to! Hahaha!



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  1. Anonymous8:32 pm

    omo, 好近距离..... ❤

  2. You used to held a certain fascination when you dare to voice out your opinion and rant like nobody's business back then. However, now, you are just a superficial blogger who strives to improve the quality of picture and not the context of the post.

  3. Anonymous11:20 am

    OMG. I'm more interested seeing his dancer. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, he's really good!

  4. Anonymous11:21 am

    omg im more interested seeing his dancer. HAHAHA