Excuse me, throwing you away Mr Vitamin C

July 20, 2013

vitamin c oxidized

Bought a bottle of Vitamin C supplements tablets with Fingers really long time ago, but I always forget to eat it (only had it when I remember which is like few weeks once) and recently when I want to go take it, I see that it's had discoloured. There's patches of black spots on it, not sure whether it is still safe for consumption, I just went to eat for afew times though lol. But I threw it away already! Waste money lor!

I think eat fruits better! So I'm trying to eat more fruits nowadays too! Healthy diet! Yay! :D

Another new entry will be up in awhile hahaha! Sorry ah, recently just keep feel like blabbering all the random small little things. Not bad leh, means I'll be blogging alot more! Okay lah, bye lah bye! :p


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