July 18, 2013

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typicalben tiger top

Hey guys! Check out my new lion cub shirt from shopspikedxsouls.com! :D

Spikedxsouls is actually just pronounced as "spiked souls" and they cater to both womenswear and menswear with new collection launched every 1-2 weeks! And also, everything is priced below $21 (except perfumes/cologne)!! So I'm sure you can find great stuff with affordable prices over at their site!

typicalben tiger shirt

Like this top that I'm wearing, it is only $16! Yay!

white tiger shirt

Close up of the shirt!

typicalben with tiger shirt

Another picture of me with it!

I really like the top eh and I wore it to Kx's convocation the other day hahaha! So you will see more pictures of me with it again soon when I blog about it. And yesterday when I met up Amelia right, she saw my pictures with this top and then she told me that it's really nice and asked me where did I get it from!

Now you guys know where to get it! And if you're looking for button shirt, they have it too.......

typicalben with gradient button shirt

Me in their unique blue & white ombre shirt!

gradient button shirt front

Front view of the shirt!

gradient button shirt back

Back view of the shirt!

typicalben gradient button shirt

Hahaha! Another shot of me in the shirt! Nice anot! :D
And you don't have to worry about the sizes as you can order bigger sizes too!

S copy


Anyway they also just launched their 3rd collection for menswear too!

So what are you guys waiting for?
Go check out
shopspikedxsouls.com to see their full range of collection!

Plus it's also their 1 year anniversary so free normal postage for everyone yay! Just use "typicalbenY1" upon checkout for the free normal postage! And there's free registered postage for orders above $50!

typicalben selca gradient button shirt

Have fun shopping! Byeeeeeeeeeeee! ;)


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  1. Anonymous2:14 pm

    your eyes so red!

  2. The blue white ombre shirt looks nice on u~~ ^_^